For The King 2 Best Classes Tier List

In this article, we are here with For The King 2 Best Classes Tier List. The game has multiple classes to play with but we are here with our best four classes that you can choose to clear every level. For The King 2, a popular cooperative strategy RPG, introduces a variety of character classes, each with unique abilities and strengths. The initial story of the game is set in the land of Fahrul where the story revolves around the Queen named Rosomon who has taken over after King Bronner.

The game allows you to play with one of the four heroes who are tasked to stop the Evil Plan of Roscommon and store the peace again in the kingdom. As players embark on their adventures, choosing the right class can significantly impact their success in battles and quests. These lists categorize classes into different tiers, such as S, A, B, and C, providing players with a hierarchical view of their strengths.

In this dynamic world of challenging quests and formidable foes, understanding the nuances of each class can make the difference between victory and defeat. To aid players in making informed decisions, numerous sources have compiled tier lists, ranking classes based on their effectiveness and versatility.

For The King 2 Best Classes Tier List

For The King 2 Best Classes Tier List

For the King 2 is the sequel to the popular turn-based strategy RPG. If you’ve been playing For The King 2 for a while or just started, these tier lists are helpful guides. They show you which classes are the best, making it easier for you to play the game well. Whether you’re experienced or new, these lists are valuable tools to improve your For The King 2 gameplay.


If you are new to the game, this is the best starting class in the game as it has all the capabilities it possesses and the high speed it allows you to move further when exploring and helps you in fast combat. There are multiple characters in the Hunter class but the Elite Ambush and Elite Sneak are the best characters to play with as both have their capabilities.

While the Elite Ambush is better at Ambushing and isolating the enemies easier which allows you to battle with one enemy at a time, the Elite Sneak will sneak past your enemies while you are exploring the World. The Hunter class has a special Ability named Called Shot which grants the user a perfect roll while using the bow. This is very handy when you have a negative status effect. The Hunter has an Energy boost too which gives you an energy boost to perform a skill at a point of combat.

For the Equipment concern, the best equipment to use with Hunter is the Bow as it allows you to have the Called Shot ability in place. There is other equipment available too that increases speed, crit chances, and Awareness. You can also use the Hunter speed for your attack.


The second-best class of the game and it deserves this place as it has a special Ability to Find Herbs. While exploring the overworld you can get any herb when you are ending your turn, these free herbs can help you keep stock replenished and these herbs are extremely powerful. There is another special ability it has: party heal, which allows you to heal your allies while in combat partially.

You can use the Herbalist as the best support character in the game, you should choose staves and wands as these items will increase the damage output of the Herbalist.


The Blacksmith is a task in itself as it has the Steadfast ability which works like a wow. By using this ability, Blacksmith can negate all damage by using a shield. While this is powerful and relies on luck you should have a shield to use this.

The Blacksmith weapon should be one-handed as it possesses great strength and it will attack better. The shield is another thing it should be equipped with if you are willing to use the Steadfast. The Blacksmith is the first line of attack and you should stock healing items while you carry this with your team.


The Scholar is the magic-based class that works like the Herbalist and is fourth in our tier list. It doesn’t have the support abilities but it has a special feature called Refocus which gives a chance to regain focus at the end of the turn. Refocus is a powerful tool but you should have a great idea of when to use this.

You also get the Find Scroll ability with this class that works like the Herbalist Finding Herb ability. For the weapons or the Equipment, you should own the staves or wands. Which increases Scholar resistance and intelligence.


This brings us to the end of this guide For The King 2 Best Classes Tier List. The game has multiple characters and you can choose them by choosing your class. We have ranked them by their ability. You should make sure that you use the recommended weapons and equipment for your class.  I hope that this article has helped you in finding the best class of the game.

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