Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Model Numbers and Variants

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the recent and in fact, amazing smartphones in the market. After unveiling it, Samsung has made it available all over the world. In case you have plans to switch to this amazing device, this is the post for you. I am going to share the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 model numbers and variants to help you know which one you should buy. This is quite true that this smartphone is best in every aspect and can be trusted with closed eyes. The most noticeable feature is the large and in fact crystal clear display. Just like all the models in note series, it has also been equipped with S-Pen.

To be suitable for the different standards, it has been made available in different variants like any other device. All the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 model numbers are variants has been listed below in this post to make sure selection simpler. This information is extremely useful to you in case you have plans to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 online.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Model Numbers and Variants

Generally, most of the retailers have global variants with them but because this device is also available with the carrier, it is probably a different variant than global. One of the facts which you must keep in your mind is that all the variants are same in terms of features, performance, and other parameters. The only difference is they are restricted to use within a defined geographical location and with a specific carrier only. Also, the update cycle of different models can be different. This can be a concern for the users. T is quite true that you probably don’t want to use an outdated OS on a high-end device. Thus you must have knowledge regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 model numbers and variants.

This is actually a device that can be trusted. Samsung has given a lot of emphasis on it after the battery issue in the Note 7 which was one of the major mishaps. So here is the list of all the variants of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Model Numbers and Variants

Device Name Model Number Region
Galaxy Note 8 SM-N950A (Snapdragon 835) AT&T (United States)
Galaxy Note 8 SM-N950T T-Mobile (United States)
Galaxy Note 8 SM-N950P (Snapdragon 835)) Sprint (United States)
Galaxy Note 8 SM-N950R4 (Snapdragon 835) US Cellular (United States)
Galaxy Note 8 SM-N950V (Snapdragon 835) Verizon (United States)
Galaxy Note 8 SM-N950W8 Canada
Galaxy Note 8 SM-N950F Global
Galaxy Note 8 SM-N950FD Southeast Asia (India, Pakistan)
Galaxy Note 8 SM-N950L Korea
Galaxy Note 8 SM-N950K Korea KT+
Galaxy Note 8 SM-N950S Korea SKT
Galaxy Note 8 SM-N9500 (Snapdragon 835) China (Hong Kong)
Galaxy Note 8 SM-N9508 China
Galaxy Note 8 SM-N9509 China
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Some variants will be equipped with Snapdragon processors while others will be having the Exynos. When it comes to colors, all the variants will be made available in every color as Samsung provided on this device. I am sure this will help you to choose the one you need.


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