Genshin Impact: Wolf of the North Location

On 28 September 2020, Genshin Impact completed its first week of launch. And now, players are able to battle against a powerful boss named Andrius or Boreas with a new Weekly Challenge. If you’re ready to fight, you can start by activating the word in the middle of the field.

The defeat of The Wolf of the North is currently one of the most difficult challenges of the Genshin Effect. It might be a fight where you finally understand how important it is to have a healer on your composition team. You’re going through a lot to keep the team together.

Genshin Impact: Wolf of the North Location

Genshin Impact: Wolf of the North Location

Andrius, or The Wolf of the North, is one of the Four Winds that safeguards the city of Mondstadt. He’s powerful, and it can be very difficult for a player to beat him. However, the brave souls who beat the North Wolf will earn some mesmerizing rewards.

There are characters like Barbara, Noelle, or Qiqi, who are considered to be the best healers’ choices. Make sure that Diluc and Fischl are chosen as the cause of serious damage in this battle. And don’t forget to pick Geo users because they’re providing strong shields, helping you fight if you can’t telegraph your movements.

In order to prevent a claw attack, it is strongly recommended to take the foot back in the second process. Besides, avoid standing on the ice, because it causes a lot of harm. Find out icicles and charge attacks, which you’re going to have to stop with perfect timing. Apart from this, the DPS burst is going to complete the job.


How to Unlock the Wolf of the North Challenge?

To unlock the  North Wolf Challenge in Genshin Impact, you must have a combat pass. This will make it easier for you to access the boss battle. We would also suggest that you complete the main story before the battle, as you’re going to have to be about Level 21-23 to have any chance of battling the North Wolf.

When you’re ready to engage, you’re going to have to complete the Wolf tale quest. Upon completion, you must go to a circular area located just southwest of the Wolvendom sign on the map. When you’re at the location, interact with the glowing blue sword in the ground to begin the trial.

Pyro or electrical weapons are the most potent weapons against the Wolf of the North challenge since the Wolf is a cryo elemental enemy, which means they are more likely to experience harm from this kind of weapon. We will recommend using pyro over electricity, but because we assume the Wolf of the North would be harmed more.

The threat of the Wolf of the North has a range of attacks from aerial to direct charging. This means that you must predict how and when you escape from it. We propose that you use a variety of attacks to avoid attacks while dealing with an injury. Keep on, and you can finish the battle.


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