Download Google Camera for Essential Phone with HDR+/Night Sight [GCam]

One of the components that endeared the Google Pixel 2 to smartphone enthusiasts is its camera. Along with its bigger model, the Pixel 3 XL, Google Pixel 2 offers a lot of features, both basic and advanced for its camera, and it doesn’t even have to rely on hardware to do this; with just one camera on the rear as opposed to a dual camera setup on most similar flagship smartphones, the Google Pixel 2 is able to accomplish a lot of things and produce images whose quality can be said to be better than those produced by even the iPhone X. If you’re using the Essential PH-1 smartphone and you would like to get the Google Pixel 2’s features like HDR+, Night Mode, Portrait Mode, and others on it, then this guide is for you.

The Essential Phone, called the Essential PH-1 is also a flagship smartphone with high-end specs, but its focus is on its security and not much has been packed into the camera software. Luckily, there are tweaks you can apply in order to be able to enjoy the superb camera features from the Google Pixel 2 on your Essential PH-1. However, these would require you to root your smartphone at the base level and apply some system modifications as we move on. If you’re new to this, consider reading our guide to rooting an Android smartphone.

We’re going to be applying this tweak to get the Google camera on Essential PH-1 by using a modified version of GCAM, a camera software port based on Magisk. This GCAM port was built by TheIronLefty, an XDA Forum senior member, and has been updated to level 5 as at the time this post was published.


  • AR Stickers support: Google’s AR Stickers is a fun feature that allows you to place virtual digital objects and text in a photo or video, either simulated or live and share it. This came by default on the Pixel smartphones, and you can get it on your Essential PH-1 with this tweak.
  • Portrait mode: You can enjoy portrait mode shooting with both the front and rear cameras on your Essential PH-1.
  • HDR+ on both front and rear.
  • High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC).
  • No audio crashing, suitable for replacement of camera app.
  • Also doesn’t break the Essential PH-1’s stock camera app. You can use both side by side.


  • 6.1 Preset build based on MGC_6.1.021_V1d: Download

The APK installation process is pretty simple. Install it as you would do with any other APK. Grant the permissions it asks for. It will not affect your device in any means, as you still have your phone’s stock camera App which you can use as well.

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