What is Google Meet Breakout Rooms and How to use It?

Google Meet provides some handy tools that make it unique, faster, and secure from other virtual video conferencing software. But the addition to these services, another standalone product – Google Meet Breakout Rooms is getting people’s attention in the digital space. Today we will learn all bout this new feature and process to use Google Meet Breakout Rooms.

Google Meet was getting popular among the users since March last year. Due to the pandemic, everybody is working from home. Google meet widely used for teaching and meeting purposes. Teachers and companies use various applications for taking a class or virtual meeting to discuss different topics, company strategies like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google meet to communicate with each other.

Google Meet gives consistent performance and regular updates to its user and makes it easier for both types of users, like teachers, to share all study content. The student can easily access the study material. But the recently added feature is Google Meet Breakout Rooms. We will know what Google Meet Breakout Rooms is and how we can use it from the below steps.

What is Google Meet Breakout Rooms and How to use It

What are Google Meet Breakout Rooms and How to use Them?

Before moving further, let’s know first what Google Meet Breakout Rooms is? Breaking Rooms is a process to put the user into smaller groups in this video conferencing software. However, Zoom is also offering the same feature in his video call services, but although its a beneficial for breaking the employees or student into smaller groups or teams in which you can give proper attention to each and everyone in Breakout rooms group.

Moreover, Google Meet is free-to-use software, but the breakout feature is not available for everyone. This premium feature is only available for paid users or upgraded versions of Google Meet like Google workspace Essential or G Suite for Education.

How To create Breakout Rooms in Google Meet

Creating Breakout rooms in Google Meet is taking less than a minute. Also, you can create up to 100 Rooms as a moderator. This feature primarily uses the teachers to divide the call as per their performance and keep an eye on everyone or for the companies that can make Breakout room per their small team to discuss, plan, and share the ideas. Here are the steps to create breakout Rooms in Google Meet.

  • Open Google Meet and start a video call.
  • Now click on the Activities icon on the top row before the time icon( the activities icon contains a circle, square, and a triangle icon).
  • After that, click on the Breakout Rooms on the right side.
    What is Google Meet Breakout Rooms and How to use It
  • Next, click on the Edit icon and select the number of breakout rooms you want to create.
  • Now assign the participants according to the room. You can also drag any user to any room if they entered the wrong Breakout room.
  • However, there is a Shuffle button if you want to create a randomized group.
  • Then click on Open Rooms to activate all the rooms.

Once you create the Breakout rooms, you will get an option to Join and later, and for any help for participants, there is an option above of every room named “Ask for Help” to reach out to the moderator for any questions or queries. Moreover, you can also set, Change or remove a timer for each Breakout room by navigating to the top of the breakout Room panel and click on the hourly glass icon.

How to Join, Edit, Exit, or end all the Breakout Rooms

You can make changes to any room as you are the moderator of all the breakout rooms.

  • Join a room by selecting the room number and click on the Join tab below the room.
  • Also, You can exit the room by click on the Leave tab next to the Room number.
  • To Edit any room, click on the EDIT option to make changes in the Breakout room.
    What is Google Meet Breakout Rooms and How to use It
  • Moreover, to end all the Breakout rooms, select the Close Rooms in the top right corner of the Breakout panel.

How to Join Breakout room As a Participant in Google Meet

After creating rooms, you will get a notification to join, and whenever the Breakout rooms end, you will also get a notification that you are returning to the main room.

  • Open the Google Meet and join the call.
  • After that, you get a notification that the moderator is invited to join the room. Click to join the given room or click on cancel to stay in the main room.
  • For Mobile users, press *2 to go to your inviting room. Press the same button to return to the main room.
    What is Google Meet Breakout Rooms and How to use It
  • However, if you join the room from a computer or laptop, click on the join button to enter the room. Moreover, click on Return to the primary call from the top of the screen.


Here is all information about Breakout rooms, like how to join, edit or close the Google Meet breakout call as a moderator also steps for entering the room as a participant. We hope you like the information and if you have any questions regarding Breakout rooms or Google Meet, then let us know in the comment box.

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