Google Officially Discontinues The Pixel 2, And Inbox by Gmail App!

The news that Google is discontinuing its Inbox by Gmail app was making rounds on the internet for a long time, but what came as a surprise is that the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have been discontinued by Google. The phones were launched around 2 years ago, so it kinda makes sense. Though the phones still have capable hardware, especially the camera.

Pixel 2:

The phone has been removed from Google Store in the US. We couldn’t even find the phone on the Indian Google store. At the time of writing this, most of the variants of the phone are out-of-stock on too. This also somewhat confirms the rumours of new cheaper Pixel phones launching soon. If you are already an owner of the Pixel 2, don’t worry, as Google hasn’t yet stopped updating them. The phones are expected to get at least one more major Android upgrade after the Android Pie.

Software is where Google separates itself from its competition. Being the owner of Android, it is easy for them to provide the earliest updates. Also, because of its software algorithms, Pixel phones are able to take an edge over their competitors in the camera department. If you still wish to get your hands on a cheaper Pixel device, you should wait for the Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL launching soon.

Inbox by Gmail:

Google launched the Inbox by Gmail app back in 2014 that allowed users to generate automatic replies, create bundles, pin mails on top, etc. The app is enjoyed by many people throughout the world. But today, on April 2, Google has officially decided to shut down this app. You will be no longer able to use it. The best option is to switch back to the original Gmail app, that has been recently redesigned by Google, and now comes with a few new features too.


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