How to Solve Google Play Games Login Error Issue

Attention gamers..!! Those who have been complaining about the Google Play Games login error issue, here we bring you some solution for that. Google Play Game generally provides the user with their respective gaming profile based on an e-mail ID. It is mostly for tracking the progress in a game and keep a tab on various other games.

So, it happens sometimes that the user is denied access to his/her profile. We will see some methods that will effectively solve the Google Play Games login error. First, we will clear the data and cache of the native App in the App menu in the device. Then we will reinstall the GooglePlay Games app. There are two methods to install the App.  Also, there you may also have to do a factory reset. Read on for a detailed approach to solve the Google Play Games login error.

Various Methods To Solve Google Play Games Login Error Issue

We will try an easy method first by clearing the data and cache of the Google Play games App and re-installing it.

Disclaimer: GetDroidTips will not be responsible for any damage or bricking of your smartphone while following this tutorial. It is mostly a safe method though follow all the steps carefully.

To clear the data and cache of the concerned App,

  • Go to device Settings > Apps and Notifications > App Info > All Apps
  • Scroll down to Google Play Games App and open it.
  • Tap on  Storage tab in Google Play Games
  • Now Tap on Clear Data
  • A You will see a prompt to confirm the Clear Data. Tap OK to confirm.

How To Reinstall Google Play Games App

To re-install the App, you have to first uninstall it.

  • Go to device Settings > Apps and Notifications > App Info > All Apps
  • Open Google Play games
  • Tap on the Uninstall button.
  • Tap OK to confirm the uninstallation
  • Alternatively, you can go to Google PlayStore > Scroll for Google Play Games
  • Tap Uninstall option

Download Google Play Games For Reinstalling To Solve the Google Play Games Login Error

Here is the regular play store download link for Google Play games.

Google Play Games [Official APK Download]

Just download and install the App.

Now we have to perform the factory reset. You need to backup your device data though.It’s an important step that you should not skip.

Performing Factory reset To Solve Google Play games Login Error

Here are the simple steps to perform the factory reset.

Step-1  First of all switch off your device.

Step-2 Long press the home+Power+Volume Up key.

Step-3 you will see the OEM logo, let go of the power button but keep long pressing home + Volume up buttons.

Step-4 Now when you will see Android logo, release the buttons on hold.

Step-5 Use the volume rockers to navigate and highlight wipe data/factory reset option.

Step-6 Press the power key to select the option.

Step-7 You have to select ‘Yes‘ when you’ll be prompted for next menu.

Step-8 Now as the process finishes,  navigate and highlight Reboot system and press power button to select it.

So, now this should necessarily fix the Google Play Games login error.Let us know your experience and also if you’ve got any queries reach out to us through the comment section.

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