GTA Online Lucky Wheel Bug Switches Casino Rewards

Most games these days have a rewards system in place or loot crates. And by default, the chances of grabbing a valuable item is slim. Well, if that sounds unfortunate, check out this bug reported by GTA Online players. A fellow Reddit user uploaded a clip showing how the bug changes the reward that he was supposed to get.

Most GTA Online players log in and claim their reward from the Lucky Wheel at the Diamond Casino and Resort. Players are reward with all sorts of items from spinning the lucky wheel. The rewards include clothing items as well as exclusive vehicles. Therefore, if you end up winning an exclusive vehicle but a bug ends up giving you a random clothing item, it would make anyone want to cuss out loud.

You win a free car!.. NOT! from gtaonline

This is precisely the issue Reddit user The_Salted_Slug had to face. Moreover, the user recorded the unfortunate event for us to see. In the clip, the user spins the Lucky Wheel and ends up landing on the unique Sultan Classic vehicle. However, rather than being rewarded with what they should have won, the game ended up giving the user 10,000 casino chips.

What’s even more frustrating is the fact that the user clearly landed on the vehicle reward. There was no chance for the reward to be mistaken as you too can see from the clip. A similar bug was also reported when the Casino Rewards system first launched. Players often ended up receiving rewards that were clearly not in the winning reward slot. However, Rockstar Games did acknowledge the bug and released a fix for the issue.


GTA Online players can still continue spinning the Lucky Wheel to get their casino rewards. However, the rewards might get switched up. Moreover, it could also be possible that you land on a random reward but the bug may give you an exclusive item. Well, at least in theory. Nevertheless, players will have to wait for Rockstar Games to release a fix for the lucky wheel bug. Speaking of GTA bugs, you can check out How to Fix if GTA 5 Exited Unexpectedly?, How to Fix GTA IV Fatal Error WTV270, and How to Fix GTA 5 Shuttering Lag Fix and Increase the FPS.


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