Guide To Fix Mobiistar Weak Signal Or Lost Network Issue

Smartphones, a device that fits in your palm is something that connects the whole world and shows you what others are doing with just a press of a button. It lets you communicate with others via calls, messages and much more but is it worth if there is no network reception or the signal is weak? Users with Mobiistar smartphones have addressed the weak signal or lost network issue which is a hindering problem which seems to be penetrating throughout the globe thereby disrupting user’s access to call or message someone using their smartphone.

If there is no network reception, you won’t be able to call or message someone or connect to the internet and almost everything will come to standstill. Then there is a more common issue of the weak signal which disables the user’s capability to connect to another user since either the call quality will be too weak or the network will be too weak to support calls or messages collectively. At GetDroidTips, we strive to find out the root cause of the any and every issue that you have been observing as well as how to fix ‘em in this extract.

Guide To Fix Mobiistar Weak Signal Or Lost Network Issue

What if there’s an issue with the carrier?

Earlier, it was 2G and then came 3G. Now, 4G or fourth generation is telecommunication is popular while the carriers or service providers are laying the foundation for 5G. That’s not all. With the increase in population and number of users, carriers require constant upgrades and maintenance and this could cause unavailability of service in some areas where the services are temporarily stopped to conclude ongoing work. Before thinking about any other probable cause of lost network, you must check if there’s an intermittent issue with the carrier. You can use another phone to check with the carrier’s customer representative or you can contact your friends or family to know about such intermittent issues.

Restart the phone

That’s pretty basic. The user-facing weak signal or lost network issue on their smartphones can simply restart their phone. It will fix any temporary issue obstructing the network reception and thus, most cases will be resolved after a quick reboot.

Airplane mode

If rebooting doesn’t help, airplane mode or flight mode must help reinstate the network reception on your phone. When you enable airplane mode, it actually disables all the incoming and outgoing networks and connections. Although the probable explanation isn’t available but turning OFF the airplane mode after a brief moment of activating it can kickstart the phone’s ability to intercept networks. You can repeat the procedure several times to force the phone to search and register for any available network.

Switch between 2G, 3G, and 4G

Smartphones have a plethora of features and options one can tweak to get any particular task done. If you have been facing weak signal or lost network issue on your phone, it could be due to lack of network reception on your phone in the band that you have set by default. If you are using a phone that offers 4G services, it means that you can use 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. Now, in case of unavailability of the 4G network, you can register for the 3G network which is although slow, it is capable of making calls and browses the internet pretty smoothly. If you don’t have 3G services either, you can opt for 2G services that ensure you can make calls or send messages and this is far better than having no network at all.

  • To change the preferred network, tap on the Settings tool on your phone.
  • Go to Mobile Networks and tap on Settings or three vertical dots signifying it.
  • Now, check our for ‘Preferred Network’ and change the default network either to ‘auto-select’ or 3G or less.

Switch between automatic and Manual networks

There are two network settings i.e. either the phone will automatically search for available networks or you can search manually and register thereafter. The thing with automatic network selection mode is that it works totally fine within the city limits but as soon as the user is out of town or circle, the network is lost. Now, the phone will register to a network once it is available which might not be the same time you actually want to use your phone to make a call.

This is where manually selected network works wonder. It lets the user manually search for available network manually and then register upon requirement. There he can manually search for network check for the list of available networks if the name of the service provider is listed or not if yes then register and if not then search for a foreign network partnered with your own carrier.

Use a glass tumbler (DIY)

this is a do-it-yourself method where the user can actually put the phone into a glass tumbler if there is a weak network and he/she can’t make a call or send messages. this technique has actually proved to be useful.  you simply need to put your phone in a tumbler and then connect your phone to a headphone and make a call or you can set the phone on a loudspeaker and this must give you a quality network for the particular duration.

Hold the phone right

First of all, there is a physical network reception receiver mounted under the hood that deals with network reception. In case if the user has held the phone in a wrong way thereby blocking the antenna, there is a chance that the network reception will be weak or even lost. Hold the phone right without blocking the antenna and the weak signal or lost network issue must get resolved on its own.

Restore Factory Settings

It could be a software-related problem and if nothing is helping fix it, you can use this method to put an end to it. Simply restore the phone to its original factory settings and the problem will be fixed if indeed the cause was a software glitch. You can reset the phone by going to Settings >> Backup and Reset >> Reset the phone. There is another method too which revolves around the recovery mode for which, the procedure is as followed.

  • Turn off the phone, press power button and volume up button together and hold it.
  • Hold the keys until the phone boots itself and displays the Android logo on the screen when you can release the keys.
  • When you access the recovery mode, use the power button to select options and volume up/down keys dubbed as scroll keys.
  • Tap on ‘wipe data/factory reset’ and then, select ‘Yes — delete all user data’ and it’s done.

Use VoIP services

Facing a weak signal and unable to make a call? You can use VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol which is something all major social media networks have started to provide along with some dedicated apps and services such as Skype, Viber, etc. You need a wifi to connect to and that’s all, you can make calls and send messages using any of these apps without worrying about the disturbed network strength.

Install network boosters

If you live somewhere there is no network or the network is extremely weak, you must install network boosters. What this device does is it intercepts the available network outside the home or office and then, amplifies it according to its capability and broadcasts it inside the house or office thus fixing the weak signal issue once and for all.

Consult a technician

If you can’t recall what caused the weak signal or lost network issue or you can’t narrow down the hardware or software component causing the issue, you can consult a technician or service provider to get it repaired or fixed although with a premium.


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