Quick Guide To Fix Nokia Wifi Problems [Troubleshoot]

Mobile data packs allow users to consume internet while on the go but it has its drawbacks. Mobile data is slow, expensive, and unreliable when compared to Wifi which makes browsing and downloading uploading an easy affair. If you are using Nokia smartphone, then you are fortunate enough that you bought a phone which is ahead of its time with efficient wifi connectivity, however, at times, even the most highly-configured phones stop connecting to a wifi network or router temporarily.

You tried switching on the wifi on your phone to access the internet via wifi but the phone isn’t able to connect. Or if it connects, it is unable to sustain the strength of a signal for long which of course can hinder the browsing experience. Or if there are any Nokia wifi problems, you have come to the right place as we will discuss each and every method, hacks, and tip available to fix these random and temporary wifi problems. Firstly, you must know that almost every smartphone today is using wifi for internet, however, is wifi problem normal? The answer is Yes, it is quite normal since phones from vivid brands and specifications are having this issues over and over again.

Quick Guide To Fix Nokia Wifi Problems [Troubleshoot]

Quick Guide To Fix Nokia Wifi Problems?

Here are few of the methods that we deemed as efficient and can help overcome the various Nokia wifi problems you have been reporting.

Toggle the wifi
When you turn on the wifi on your phone, it initiates a process under the hood where it establishes a connection with a nearby router or wifi network. But many users have claimed that whenever they tap on the wifi icon, the wifi feature either doesn’t starts at the first time or if it started, it won’t connect to the wifi network. The very simple quick fix for this problem is to toggle the wifi ON and OFF several times. Also, you can go to “Settings >> Wifi” where all the networks are listed. This allows the phone to connect to a nearby available network.

Toggle airplane mode
Airplane or flight mode was designed specifically for airplanes since its radio frequency can hinder with the frequency used by the airplane to communicate with the ground control. It disables all the incoming, outcoming, wifi, and cellular connection when it is enabled. A user can still use wifi on airplane mode, however, if you aren’t unaware with the procedure, there is a chance that you won’t be able to access wifi until the airplane mode is enabled.

If you are finding it difficult to connect to a wifi network when the airplane mode is enabled, try to tap on the wifi icon under the notification tray several times. This will kick start the wifi on your phone. But if it doesn’t in rare cases, open “Settings >> Wifi” and the connection will be established automatically.

Forget and reconnect
When you tap on the wifi icon, it must connect automatically to a nearby available network but if it isn’t connecting and it is taking more than usual time, you can use this trick.

  • Simply open the Wifi option under Settings app on your phone.
  • Next step is to long tap on the wifi network that you wish to connect.
  • Here, you will get the option to forget the password for the said network.
  • Once you have forgotten the network, tap on it again and enter the password and then, press on Connect.
  • This must connect the user to the said wifi network.
  • Note that this works on public wifi’ or those without any protection where you just need to forget the connection and then, reconnect.

Restart the device
Seems easy, isn’t it? If you check out our list of all Nokia-related problems or problem-related to any other Android smartphone, you will notice that majority of software glitches, issues and errors can be fixed simply by restarting the phone. An app or service uses resources like memory, RAM, and other components. When you try to multitask and open several apps at once or if the system is overloaded with excess background apps and processes, the system will slow down.

There are other backlogs that can reduce the processing speed of the device and that is where restarting the device comes into play. When you restart the system, you actually shut down all the processes and apps on your phone and releases memory, RAM, and other resources. Also, restarting the device can fix the majority of software related issues which means, the Nokia wifi problems that you have been complaining about, can be fixed simply by restarting the device.

Reset the router
You’ll find this hack really easy. If you have trouble connecting to a private router i.e. at your home, you can reset the router. When you check out the rear end of a router, you’ll find the power button, slots to insert the ethernet cables and other slots and a small button called ‘reset’. If you are unable to connect to the said wifi network, simply press the button which will reset or refresh the wps and thus, allow the user to connect. Or, you can power off the router for a minute or so and then, turn it on. This must do its job pretty well.

Check the frequency bandwidth
Check out the wifi bandwidth that your system is using as there is a possibility that the bandwidth used by the router and the phone might be different. In such cases, you can switch between 2.5GHz and 5Ghz. To tweak between the bandwidth, you’ll have to enter the default address of your router which can be either “”, “”, “”, “” etc. After entering the default address, you’ll find information related to the channel, bandwidth, and network mode under Wireless Settings.

Other hacks revolving around how to fix Nokia wifi problems is to perform a factory reset on your phone, update the firmware, use wifi signal extender device, etc. Hope this guide fixes your issue with your Nokia smartphone. You can check out other Nokia-related issues here and for other guides, go to GetDriodTips.

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