Moto Z2 Force WiFi Issues, Troubleshoot, and Fix Guide

The world without a phone and WiFi is something people wouldn’t expect to live in. It ruins the mood when you have a working WiFi but your phone won’t connect or if there is any problem related to WiFi. There are plenty of WiFi connectivity issues & fixes that you will come across and you must keep the fix ready to utilize. These are few Moto Z2 Force WiFi Issues, Troubleshoot, and Fix Guide so that you would never get stuck in such situation.

WiFi Connectivity Issues & Fixes

WiFi Issues and Fixes

Can’t Connect To The Internet

If you have connected to the WiFi but it is showing ‘Can’t Connect to Internet’ even after the WiFi is ON and operation, try these tips.
Check if the internet is working or not by entering a different URL.
Forget the password by pressing and holding the network name and select Forget Password. Now enter the correct password and try to reconnect.

Can’t Connect To The Router

If some problem arises when you cannot connect to your WiFi network, you can opt for manual settings. The process is simple. Forget the password and then click on ‘Add New’ and then enter the SSID i.e. the router’s name. Then, enter the password and then check if it the password and other details are correct or not. If yes, then check whether the router accepts the credentials properly.

Toggle The WiFi

Wifi Connectivity Issues

This is probably the basic thing that you must do. Whenever your phone’s WiFi doesn’t connect to your router or hotspot, you can try to toggle it OFF. Wait for a few seconds and then turn ON the WiFi by pulling the notification tray and then tapping onto the WiFi option. If the issue is resolved, the phone must show WiFi icon. If not, you can try other WiFi troubleshoots and fixes prescribed in this extract.


Toggle The Router

If the first troubleshooting technique doesn’t work in your favor, you can try toggling the router by turning it OFF. Wait for a couple of seconds before turning it ON. You can also restart the router completely before turning it ON and check if the problem has been fixed. Press the small ‘Reset’ button and try to access the WiFi.

Check The Safe Mode

Wifi connectivity issue

Safe Mode is essentially a diagnostic mode that provides services and features to diagnose the apps and drivers installed. The users and developers use this mode when the phone becomes unresponsive or crashes. However, if you have accidentally enabled it, it will disable all the internet and WiFi services which could pose a problem when you try to turn on the WiFi. You can reboot the device into normal mode by hitting the Power button to turn OFF the phone. Then, Turn it ON using the Power button and try to access WiFi.

Check If It Is In Range

Routers have a fixed range where they can provide WiFi access to any electronic device. Note that the WiFi signal losses certain amount of energy when penetrating through the walls, therefore, weakening the signal. Check if the phone is within the range of router. If the WiFi network name isn’t showing, turn OFF the WiFi button on your phone. Wait for few seconds before restarting it. Try to search for the WiFi network and reconnect it.


Power Saving Mode

Moto Z2 Force has a Power Saving Mode that tends to lower the brightness level and restricts background apps. The mode limits the background data usage as well as WiFi connection which could pose a potential issue when you try to access WiFi services. Your phone might have switched to Power Saving Mode automatically if the battery life is lower. You can turn it off by going to the “Settings” option and then tap on the “Battery”. Proceed to the Power Saving Mode and toggle the button to turn it OFF.

Update The System

There could be hundreds of applications on your smartphone running fine but keeping them updated is crucial. Apps which aren’t updated can could potential issues when used over a certain period of time. The updates allow the applications to perform optimally since all the discovered bugs have been cleared and patches are provided in the newer update. There is a chance that the WiFi issue that you are observing is due to an application which is not updated. You can update these apps from the Google Play Store.

Moving on to the system applications, you must keep the phone updated. Android offers patches and updates on smartphones after a finite interval of time that could be a security patch or complete system upgrade. You can check if you have received any update or not by following this method. Go to “Settings” and then tap on “About Device” option on your phone. Then, you can check the available updates by hitting the option “Software Updates”.


Reset The Phone To Solve Moto Z2 Force WiFi Issue


This is the final resort you can apply to rectify any issue connecting to the WiFi. Note that this is an irreversible process and hence, you must retain a backup of the data required beforehand. You can put all the data on your SD Card or upload it to the Google Drive to retrieve it later when needed. There are two methods of resetting your phone into factory mode. Go to Settings >> Backup & Reset >> Factory Data Reset and then, select the Reset button to wipe off the data. Or you can also perform a hard reset technique on your phone to curb the WiFi issue.

Consult An Authorized Technician

The above were some Moto Z2 Force WiFi Connectivity Issues & Fixes that can resolve the WiFi Problem. Anyhow, if nothing worked and you don’t want to reset the phone either, consulting an authorized Motorola technician can be helpful. He/she will resolve the issue without voiding the warranty of your phone which is good on a long run.

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