Guide To Fix ZTE Nubia Power Button Not Working Problem?

Now that smartphones are getting full-screen with fewer hardware buttons, power button remains a powerful key that enables the user to turn on the screen as well as turn it off, switch off the phone or switch it on and you could do much more with it. What’s annoying is when the power button breaks down or it is not working due to ‘xyz’ reasons which means, you no longer have the control of the power key to do the various functions that it accomplished based on the requirements. This is regarded as power button not working problem and it is a common sight across ZTE Nubia users and another Android smartphone too.

How To Fix ZTE Nubia power button not working Problem [Troubleshoot]

Guide To Fix ZTE Nubia Power Button Not Working Problem?

Before we can commence, you must know that you can either use the tactics mentioned below or software-based alternatives to substitute a broken power button or you can simply get it repaired or replaced which are permanent options.

Check for a software glitch

You tried pressing the power button but it isn’t responding? Don’t reach to any conclusion just yet because it is fairly possible that the power button not working problem that you are facing is due to a temporary software glitch. There are several ways you can get rid of software glitches such as by updating the Android OS, all the apps that you currently have installed on your phone, reset the device reset.

What to do if the phone is turned on?

There are basically two conditions which you need to go through in case of power button not working problem. First is if the phone is switched on and another is if it’s switched off. When your phone is switched on, you can light up or turn on the screen using power key but since it is not working, you’ll have to find a replacement asap.

You can use your phone’s charger to light up the screen. Simply connect the phone to a charger from a power source and the moment you switch on the plug to charge the device, it will light up. Another way around is to connect to a power bank which is more reliable and handy alternative if you are going with this solution. Next, you can use your USB cable and connect it with your computer which will also light up the screen and that’s when you can do whatever you want. Ask a friend to call you or hit the camera button if there’s any dedicated key to it and thus, the phone will light up eliminating the very need to use a power key.

What to do if the phone is turned off?

Now that’s a bit tricky. When the phone is turned off, you cannot actually turn it on without using the power key which isn’t working in your case. Few models allow the user to reboot using volume keys which you can try or you can use the USB debugging mode on your phone if already enabled when the phone was turned on. This is where you can connect to a computer and use ADB and fastboot tools to command the phone to restart and other functions.

Use apps instead

Google Play Store has more than one million apps available for any and every task you can think of. So, don’t you think there could be an app on Play Store that might replace power button if it’s not working? Well, there are indeed plenty of apps that you can use to replace or use it as an alternative to the power button. Here’s few of ‘em.

Power Button to Volume Button

Simply google if you want to know the apps that can replace power button and you’ll find this app right at the top. No, it doesn’t give you superpowers to telepathically turn on and turn off the phone but it switches one of the volume buttons (as you only need one for both functions) with the broken power button. Now, if you have set the volume up button as a power key, whenever you press the volume up key, it will work as a power key instead of increasing the volume.

Gravity Screen

Now here’s a futuristic app that you can use in order to replace the broken power key. When you install this app, you can tweak the sensitivity of the gravity sensor to perform the functions as per programme. Set the orientation of the phone when it’s in a pocket or on the tabletop when the phone will not accidentally unlock which of course, everyone knows that it can cause problems.


If your phone doesn’t have the feature to double tap and unlock or lock, it’s time to introduce this feature to your phone. Simply install this app and there you have it, you can knock or tap on the screen and the phone will lock or unlock and it is compatible with Android OS 4.1 and above.

Is there any debris stuck beneath the key?

Before you take the phone to a service center to repair it, check for yourself if there’s any debris stuck beneath the key. The power key has a connector plate that touches with the component on your phone to enable actions as per programmed, however, if there’s debris stuck across the walls where the power button is housed or around the connector plate, it will cause disruption in the connection. You can use a sharp object like a needle to scrape off excess debris only if there’s enough space to put the needle across the key in the first place. Remember, do not attempt to forcefully enter the needle or any object as it can cause damage to the key even if it was partially or temporarily broken.

The permanent solution

The power button isn’t working? You can still you use the alternatives that were prescribed above. There’s a permanent solution to the problem which is to get it repaired or fixed from a  service center or third-party technician. Note that if your phone is well under warranty and you want to preserve its period, you’ll still need to report the issue to a service center as reporting the issue to a third-party technician can void the warranty.


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