Methods To Fix Mobiistar Restarting And Freezing Problem

Smartphones are pretty delicate no matter how much you spent buying and upgrading it. Most of the smartphones have issues, although that can be fixed, there are issues even with the high-end Android smartphones. We are talking specifically about the restarting the freezing problem that every Android-enabled smartphones goes through at least once while some might undergo the same problem every day such as those smartphones which are too old, out-of-support, or the smartphones that cannot handle high-graphic games or apps that required ample of resources.

If you are one of the hundreds of Mobiistar users who have faced such restarting and screen freezing problem on their phone, you are welcome here as we are going to discuss the various methods you can undertake to reduce and hopefully, eliminate the triggers and the irritants that cause such issues. GetDroidTips has compiled a comprehensive list of methods to fix Mobiistar Restarting and Freezing problem that must resolve the issue that you have been facing for days or maybe months.

Methods To Fix Mobiistar Restarting And Freezing Problem

Methods To Fix Mobiistar Restarting And Freezing Problem?

This is a list of potential fixes that you can use either one or whenever you feel something odd with your Mobiistar smartphone but there will be the varying effect on different smartphones and manufacturers.

Soft Reboot Or Forced Reboot

Consider that your phone is restarting randomly or it has entered in a restarting loop, what do you do? I would recommend a soft reboot which is nothing but the similar way you reboot the phone using the power button. This goes same for screen freezing issue which is one of the most common and irritating issues that users face on their Android smartphones. Although the problems enlisted above would be fixed by a soft reboot, what to do if that doesn’t help?

Many people resort to forced reboot whenever the phone’s screen freezes or becomes unresponsive because if the screen is frozen, you would no longer be able to tap on the screen to choose the power off or reboot option from the dialog box that appears after long-press power button. Forced reboot forces the phone to reboot itself thereby taking you out of screen freeze mode. You need to press the power button and volume up button together until the screen goes blank. Some smartphones would restart immediately after a forced reboot while some need stimuli as in, you need to press the power button again to restart the smartphone. But this must resolve the problem in many cases.

Check for Android OS Update

There is a majority of people who don’t update their Android OS as it is time-consuming or because they aren’t receiving an update as their smartphone has gone out-of-support. No matter what is the underlying issue, outdated OS can cause problems such as random restarts, it can freeze the screen, reduces the performance and more. This is why it is highly advisable to update the Android US by going to ‘Settings >> About Phone >> Software Updates’. This is because when the system is updated, it protects the user from any potential error, bug, or threat that can damage the performance as well as security or privacy of the user.

For those who aren’t getting any update for months now, there are basically two or more available alternatives. First is to downgrade to the previous Android OS that must resolve the issue that you are facing or he/she can install a custom ROM which gets updates frequently and keeps the system working optimally.

Wipe off unwanted files and folders

It is no doubt that today, Android smartphones can store data up to 256gigabytes based on the model of the smartphone. This means you can store numerous files and folders of any every size and format irrespective if you’ll ever need it or not. These unwanted files and folders are still consuming the space while being useless and could affect the system by freezing the phone or the screen. The best way to get rid of this issue is to delete and wipe off unwanted files and folders which isn’t too difficult.

Clear app cache

Cache is temporary files stored by your phone whenever you request or use an app or other services. For now, we are talking about app cache which is stored by each individual app whenever you use it in order to keep data about the last sessions for faster loading. But the problem arises when there’s a lot of caches that get corrupted easily which can lead to the various performance-related issue. You must wipe off the app cache by going to ‘Settings >> Apps >> Downloaded/Running’.

Clear storage cache

Another level of cache storage apart from app cache is storage cache. This type of cache can reach more than 1gigabytes or more and disrupt the smooth performance of the phone and freeze it temporarily and that’s why it needs to be cleared. You can navigate to the ‘Settings >> Storage >> Cache Storage’ where you can wipe it off completely from your system. Note that the cache files need to be cleared at least every day to ensure its disposal and optimal performance of the device.

Wipe off cache partition

This is the third type of cache which is stored at the cache partition. Unlike the previous two types of cache, you’ll have to navigate to the recovery mode in order to get rid of these cache files. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Firstly, turn off the phone.
  • Now, press the power button and volume up button together and keep it pressed until the screen lights up and shows Android logo.
  • Leave the power button but keep the volume up button pressed and release it only when you enter the recovery mode.
  • You need to press the power key to select an option from the menu and use volume up/down key to scroll.
  • Select the option ‘wipe cache partition’ and confirm it, that’s how you can clear cache partition.

Uninstall launchers

Android users looking to change the appearance of their smartphone because Android enables the users to do so unlike Apple iPhones. But there is a problem with third-party launchers, these apps aren’t healthy for your system as these aren’t trusted, these launchers consume high energy from the battery, decreases the performance and speed of the phone and introduce bugs and malware and other threats which is why it needs to be uninstalled right away.

Keep internal memory free

You are using a Mobiistar Android smartphone which has expandable memory option apart from its internal memory. Experts and tech gurus suggest that one must keep the internal memory free from excess storage as when it is almost filled, it creates a deficit when the system requires memory to use an app or services and that leads to app or system crash. It is highly recommended to keep at least 1 or 1.5 gigabytes of space empty in the internal memory to avert the issue.

Update all apps

Outdated apps are problematic similar to how outdated Android OS can be and that’s why we recommend the users to update all the apps if they are facing restarting and freezing problem. You can check out the updates available on the Google Play Store app which is easy to use. Tap on ‘Update’ button before any app if the update is available. You can also instruct the phone to auto-update the apps using ‘auto-update’ feature available with the Play Store.

Close apps you aren’t using

Love multitasking? It could disrupt the performance of your phone and can cause an app or the system as a whole to crash if you have multiple apps open in the background. You must close all the apps that you earlier use but aren’t required for now. Furthermore, navigate to ‘Settings >> Apps >> Running’ to force stop the apps that keep popping up even after you closed it. This will also clear the RAM and speed up the smartphone further.

Check if any app is causing a problem

If you have been facing the screen freezing or restarting problem apparently after installing an app or say, number of apps that you installed lately, it is possible that these apps are the cause. You can get rid of these apps to check if the phone responds appropriately or not. You can slide into the safe mode where you’ll be able to get an idea whether the downloaded apps are responsible or the apps that were preinstalled caused the issue. If the phone freezes even in the safe mode, then it is probably a pre-installed app which is causing errors or conflict. On the other hand, if the phone works fine in the safe mode, you’ll have to try and uninstall all the latest downloaded apps to get rid of the issue.

Uninstall dormant apps

If you are someone who has tons of apps installed but never used, it’s high time to uninstall these dormant apps to ease the strain that these apps put on the phone even when not in use.

Reset the phone to factory settings

This is the mother of all fixes. It is known to fix any and every software-related issue such as the restarting and freezing problem that you want to fix as well as plenty of other issues. You’ll need to boot into the recovery mode for which, the procedure already addressed in the method ‘#6 – wipe off cache partition’. Here’s what you need to do once you access the recovery mode.

  • Locate and select the option ‘wipe data/factory reset’.
  • Then, confirm the selection and let the system reset the phone automatically.
  • Now, reboot the phone and the phone has been reset into factory settings and must have fixed the problems that you were facing as of now.



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