Fix: HBO Max Unsupported Version Error

As soon as you turn on your TV and launch the HBO Max app, a message is displayed on your TV screen “Unsupported Version“. It can ruin your weekend and the excitement of watching your favorite movies or shows. The problem is not limited to a specific model or TV brand. Users have faced it on Amazon Fire TV, Firestick, and Samsung smart TV. If you also face the same problem with your TV, keep reading this article. I’ll walk you through some of the best solutions to fix the Unsupported Version error on HBO Max.

Fix: HBO Max Unsupported Version Error

The Unsupported Version error mainly occurs on HBO Max when the application has not been updated for a long time. Your TV might be running an outdated version of the update. Or, you might be using the older app called HBO Now, which we now know as HBO Max. Corrupted app data, system glitches, and temporary bugs are also why the app fails.

HBO Max is one of the most popular streaming services. It’s a paid service that offers you all kinds of entertainment goodies, such as movies, TV shows, originals, and more. But having the HBO Max service is not enough if it is not working. The Unsupported Version error is troubling users. The error message does not go away for some users even after updating HBO Max. Whether they update the HBO Max app or not, the problem persists, which can be frustrating. So, to make things easier for you, we’ve gathered some best solutions available on the internet to get rid of this problem.

HBO Max Unsupported Version Error, How to Fix?

The “Unsupported Version” error mainly triggers when the device can’t automatically install the latest version. So, fixing this issue can be as simple as manually updating the app. If it does not work, we’ve more solutions for you.

Solution 1: Check HBO Max Server Status

Before Tweaking any settings, we should verify that HBO Max servers do not have any issues. It’s important to check because the contents you want to watch are stored on their servers, and if they are not working, you are unlikely to use the app. Unfortunately, HBO does not show the current status of their servers, but there are several third-party tools like Down Detector which can tell you if other users are also facing problems with HBO Max.

Solution 2: Update HBO Max App

You may be using an outdated version of the HBO Max app. It can lead to many issues on the streaming app. To fix issues with HBO Max, you need to install the latest version of the app on your Fire TV or Samsung smart TV.

Steps to update the HBO Max app on your Samsung TV:

  • Launch Smart Hub and go to Applications.
  • Select Settings and go to Updates.
  • Choose HBO Max and select update to install the latest version.

Steps to update HBO Max app on your Amazon Fire TV Stick:

  • On your Fire TV, open Settings.
  • Go to Applications and tap on Appstore.
  • Select Automatic Updates and turn on the feature.
  • Your Fire TV will automatically install the latest version of all applications, including HBO Max. It may take some time.

 Solution 3: Power Cycle Your TV

If there’s a temporary bug or minor system glitches, power cycling the Fire TV or Samsung smart TV can fix the Unsupported Version error on your HBO Max. To power cycle your Fire TV or Samsung TV, follow these steps:

  • Close the HBO Max app.
  • Turn off your Fire TV or Samsung TV and unplug the power cable from the wall socket.
  • Wait for at least 2 minutes, then plug the power cable back into the wall socket.
  • Turn on the TV, launch HBO Max, and check if the problem is fixed.

Solution 4: Clear HBO Max App Data

HBO Max keeps storing data for faster access. But, this data (called cache memory) often becomes the problem’s source. Hence, you need to clear cache data. If it does not fix the problem, you must also clear the app’s data.

You should know that clearing the cache does not remove any essential data from your Fire TV or Samsung TV. So, you can safely proceed with this method. But if you clear HBO Max’s app data, you’ll need to log in again on the app.

Steps to clear HBO Max app cache and data on Amazon Firestick:

  • On your Amazon Firestick TV, launch Settings.
  • Go to Applications and select Manage Installed Applications.
  • Look for HBO Max and tap on it.
  • Tap on Clear Cache.
  • Launch the HBO Max app and check if the problem is solved. If your answer is NO, clear app data.

Steps to clear HBO Max app cache and data on Samsung smart TV:

  • On your Samsung smart TV, open the Settings menu.
  • Go to Apps and select System apps.
  • Find HBO Max and tap on it.
  • Tap on Clear Cache. Here, you’ll also get the option to clear app data. Do this if clearing the cache does not fix the problem.

Solution 5: Free Up Some Space

Whether you have a Fire TV or Samsung smart TV, the applications are updated automatically if you have a proper internet connection and free storage. If the free storage is insufficient, apps won’t be updated automatically. This scenario may be playing out with your TV because HBO Max has not been updated.

To fix things, remove unnecessary apps and files from your TV, and manually update HBO Max to continue enjoying your favorite shows or TV series.

Solution 6: Make Sure the Internet Connection Is Stable

HBO Max requires an active and stable internet connection. If your router can’t fulfilling these, you will face issues with HBO Max and other streaming services. Also, ensure internet speed is not slow as watching videos consumes more internet data.

If your internet connection is stable, rebooting the router can fix it. You can perform a reboot through the router’s settings page. Alternatively, remove the power cable for 2 minutes and plug it back into the wall socket to reboot the device.

Final Words

If you are greeted with an “Unsupported Version” error message as soon you open the HBO Max app; it can ruin your watching experience. In this blog post, I explained the possible reasons you are getting the error message along with their solutions.

I hope you can fix the problem using one of the abovementioned solutions. Let me know which one did the trick for you in the comments below.

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