How To Hide Picture in Picture Mode on your iPhone with iOS 14

Picture in Picture Mode is one of the new features on iOS 14. Though it is a regular feature on the Android OS, now, it has stepped into iOS. If you have installed the first developer beta of iOS 14, then by default the PiP mode is enabled on your device. Though Apple is late to embrace this feature, it has made sure to keep this feature far more enhanced than how it functions on Android. There is this particular feature that allows the user to hide the Picture-in-Picture mini video frame. In this guide, I will tell you how you can hide the PiP mode video but still get to hear the audio in the background.

As the latest iOS 14 is the first developer beta, this PiP feature is a bit buggy from what I felt. Can’t say about other users, but on my iPhone sometimes it doesn’t work. Then other times it would work fine. However, whenever it works, I can easily hide the mini video frame on the home screen and only listen to the audio in the background. Let’s check out how to do that. But first, you must install the iOS 14 First Developer Beta on your iPhone.

iOS 14

Why There is A Need to Hide Picture in Picture Mode on your iPhone

As we know this feature is helpful if you want to multitask on your device. Let’s says you are watching some video but urgently need to message someone on WhatsApp. Then use the PiP mode to shorten the video frame to the home screen. Then you can open WhatsApp and send your message while still enjoying the video on the mini screen.

However, while messaging you may feel distracted due to the video frame running on the screen. Or maybe you have trouble accessing your other apps if that mini video frame covers the apps. At this point, you can easily hide the video frame and still, you will be hearing the audio from that video.

So, technically you don’t get to miss out on your content except you only hear the audio. At the same time, the whole display will be free and you can access your apps without any hindrance. Now, let’s see how we can hide the Picture in Picture mode frame.


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How to Hide the PiP Video Frame on the Homescreen

First, go to Settings > then head to General. In that section, scroll down to Picture in picture. Open it and check whether the feature is enabled or not. if it is not enabled, tap on the toggle beside it to enable it.
iOS 14 Picture in Picture mode

  • Now, open any video streaming service and play a video
  • Make sure the video is in full-screen
  • Then press the home button if using a touch ID device [or swipe if using a Face ID-based iPhone]
  • The video frame will shrink to a smaller size to the home screen
  • Now, if you want to hear the audio-only and hide the Picture in Picture mode swipe the video frame either to the left or right side of the display.
  • The video will hide but a small arrow mark will be visible from the hidden end.
  • When you want to see the video in PiP mode again simply hold on that arrow mark and swipe out gently to the home screen.

Just do as I have done in the video example shown above. So, that’s how you can only hear the audio from a video in Picture in picture mode and multitask as well on your iPhone. Try it out.

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