Honkai Star Rail Kafka Best Build Guide

Kafka is the first person you meet when you enter the captivating world of Honkai Star Rail. She plays the air violin as the space station around her becomes chaotic. She is a total badass and the kind of woman you want by your side as you fight your way through the universe. Thus, to pack Kafka out with the best light cones and relics and get to know her assaults and capacities, this Honkai Star Rail Kafka best build guide will help you.

Honkai Star Rail Kafka Best Build Guide

Which Honkai Star Rail Kafka build is the best?

Kafka is a lightning character with five stars who follow the Nihility path, which means that she is excellent at reducing the overall powers of her enemies and debuffing them. She specializes in AoE attacks that can shock enemies and deal lightning damage every turn. As a result, Kafka is an effective sub-DPS who can weaken opponents so that her main DPS can swoop in and eliminate them.

Because of her capacity to apply great shock harm after some time and her assault scaling abilities, we suggest going for the gold increment; both her harm and her lightning harm help. We recommend pairing her with other characters who cause DoT, like Sampo or Jing Yuan from Honkai Star Rail, to maximize her ability.

Which light cone should I use for the Kafka of the Honkai Star Rail?

Currently, the best light cone for Kafka is For the Sake of the World, which supports the harm she does to foes affected by a Dab while expanding her impact hit rate and assault.

In addition to increasing her effect hit rate and damage dealt by her DoT, Eye of the Prey is an excellent four-star option; alternatively, you can experiment with any light cones that follow the Nihility’s path.

Which relics would be good for me to use for Honkai Star Rail’s Kafka?

Kafka can be equipped with six relics, two from the Simulated Universe sets and four from the standard sets. Band of Sizzling Thunder is an excellent way to increase her standard-set lightning damage. Concerning the Recreated Universe sets, we suggest Space Fixing Station as it supports her assault.

What abilities does Kafka possess in Honkai Star Rail?

Below are listed all of Kafka’s attacks and abilities:


Primary Attack: Midnight Tumult

Skill: Caressing Moonlight

Ultimate: Twilight Trill

Midnight Tumult: Deals lightning damage to the target enemy equal to 50% of Kafka’s attack.

Caressing Moonlight: Deals lightning damage to the target enemy equal to 70% of Kafka’s attack and deals lightning damage to enemies adjacent to the target equal to 25% of Kafka’s attack. If the target enemy already has a Damage Over Time (DOT) effect, immediately deal lightning damage to that enemy equal to 100% of the current DOT effects.

Twilight Trill: Deals lightning damage to all enemies equal to 36% of Kafka’s attack. Enemies hit by this skill have a 100% base chance to be shocked and take lightning damage equal to 80% of the received damage. Shocked enemies receive a lightning DOT equal to 60% of Kafka’s attack at the start of their turn.


Skill: Gentle but Cruel Talent

Technique: Mercy is Not Forgiveness

Gentle but Cruel Talent: After an ally uses a fundamental attack on a shocked enemy, Kafka immediately deals lightning damage to that enemy, equal to 75% of her attack. The activation of this effect is limited to once per turn.

Mercy is Not Forgiveness: Upon entering battle, Kafka immediately attacks a random enemy and deals lightning damage equal to 50% of her attack. Additionally, all enemies have a 100% base chance of being shocked for three turns. While shocked, enemies take lightning DOT equal to 50% of Kafka’s attack at the start of each turn.

Kafka from Honkai Star Rail is a mysterious Stellaron Hunter and part of Destiny’s Slave Elio’s team. She’s on the Interastral Peace Corporation’s wanted list with a strange entry stating she likes collecting coats. Despite guiding the player as the prominent trailblazer, she leaves after cryptic messages and holds secrets about the player’s past.

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