How much does Spellbreak Cost?

As Spellbreak is slowly conquering more and more hearts, the game’s satisfying structure is still a matter worth talking about. However, as the game rises higher and higher into fame, it is only natural for the vast amount of fans to inquire about the game’s price. Since the game itself isn’t very informative regarding its price, it is much needed for a guide that will look into it.

In the guide below, we’ll look further into the depths of Spellbreak. More precisely, we’ll look at the financial aspects of this game that the players should be considered about. This includes answer to questions such as how much Speallbreak costs, what game bundles does Spellbreak have, and at what costs do its in-game purchases come at. So without further bragging, we’ll get right into our guide on how much does Spellbreak cost?

How much does Spellbreak Cost?

The short answer is that Spellbreak doesn’t really cost anything. Spellbreak comes out as a free-to-play survival game and it costs you exactly $0 to get inside the Hollow Lands of Spellbreak. However, the game does feature multiple paid bundles, which will equip you with some pretty cool cosmetics and gold to kickstart the game, as well as in-game purchases. Below, we’ll dive into a table that will help you understand the different game bundles and in-app purchase options available at launch:

Spellbreak Game Bundles

Bundle name Cost Items included
Free Spellbreak bundle $0
Spellbreak Starter Pack $4.99 600 Gold + The Bewitching Glimmer Outfit
Spellbreak Mage Pack $49.99 3,500 Gold + the Patchwork Outfit + the Mage Badge
Spellbreak Battlemage Pack $79.99  6,000 Gold + the Bughunter Outfit + the Patchwork Outfit + the Battlemage Badge + the Mage Badge.
Spellbreak Master Pack $119.99  15,000 Gold + the Keymaster Outfit + the Bughunter Outfit + the Patchwork Outfit + the Master Badge + the Battlemage Badge + the Mage Badge.

In-game Currency Purchases

Currency pack Cost
1,000 Spellbreak Gold $9.99
2,500(+300 bonus) Spellbreak Gold $24.99
4,000(+1,000 bonus) Spellbreak Gold $39.99
10,000(+3,500 bonus) Spellbreak Gold $99.99

By purchasing the game bundles, you’ll get the included items right from the beginning so that you’ll shine in the Hollow Lands. The in-game currency helps you to buy cosmetics in the game so buying gold in Spellbreak is a great way to top-up your account and buy any new cosmetics addition that you find appealing. That said, we hope reading the article above has equipped you with some bit of information. Please let us know by commenting down below if you have any further queries regarding the same.

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