How to Change Screen Resolution On OnePlus 6

Here we will guide on how to change the screen resolution on OnePlus 6 smartphone.

OnePlus 6 is the successor of the OnePlus 5 which brings a lot of new features such as IP67/68 Waterproof, iPhone X like Notch, 19:9 screen ratio, and 8.1 Oreo out of the box. In this guide, we will show you how to Change Screen Resolution On OnePlus 6. The first of which is the ability to lower the screen resolution to save battery life.

Yes, the main benefit of reducing the screen resolution as far as battery life is concerned is a debated subject. On one hand, you still have to illuminate the entire display. On the other hand, your phone will no longer have to run applications at a higher resolution.

How to Change Screen Resolution On OnePlus 6

With OxygenOS, you may see the Stock experience on this phone is just like pure Android OS just like having a Pixel phone. This device can easily be customized up to a  good extent to make it fit your own need, taste, and preference. The very good thing is there is no need for you to install third-party apps for most of the tasks that are related to internal customization. In this post, I will show you how to change screen resolution on OnePlus 6 simply.

Home Screen is can be compared to a table where different food items which one like to eat are placed. In a similar manner, reflects all the apps you have on your device. It is true that there exist users who install a lot of application on their device. Although there is no strict upper limit on the same, the fact is not all of them are displayed on a single page. However, if you change screen resolution on OnePlus 6, there is nothing to worry about this. In addition to this, changing the resolution of the screen also let users to display more messages, applications, or any other form of content in a single window. Moreover, this is a good feature for those with weak eye-sight.


Instructions to change screen resolution on OnePlus 6

  • First of all, unlock your device screen
  • Open Settings and scroll down to find the option Display
  • Once found, tap on it and then click on Display Size.
  • You can then move the slider to change the size that best fits your preference

So this is how the screen resolution on the OnePlus 6 can be changed. This actually makes sure of less strain on the eyes and at the same time, it makes sure that everything is displayed on the screen in a right manner. To get the most desired results, follow the instructions in the right manner.


  1. Hello can you help me I have just purchased oneplus 6 A6003 and i somehow lost the original color of the apps and resolution and color of the screen Can you help me to fix it

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