How to Disable Ads, Push Notifications, and Bloatware in MIUI 11 running device?

Xiaomi; the Chinese tech giant’s smartphones are very popular in countries like India and many other Asian markets. The smartphones from this brand is famous because it is primarily cheap and moreover comes with best specifications. Xiaomi smartphones are great value for money when it comes to the hardware. Apart from this, this was the only brand that gives a warranty even if we root the smartphone. Most of the Asian country’s smartphone buyers prefer budget smartphones over the premium one.  Whereas the European and other markets prefer premium ones instead of these budget smartphones. Its cheapness is the reason why most people use Xiaomi smartphones.

And the MIUI which came as the UI in these devices has a ton of customizations. This made several people like me for digging more into the MIUI. However, I am not a fan of this and I learned more features of this.  Xiaomi has also a dedicated Android one series which is the “A” series which is available in India and other markets. The MIUI which came initially doesn’t have any ads or many bloatware that disturb the user. Now this MIUI is the hub for all types of ads and bloatware which we see in a smartphone. Most the users are searching for ways to get rid of these ads, bloatware and un-necessary push notifications. Here is a simple guide to disable Ads, Bloatware and Push notifications in your MIUI 11 devices.

MIUI; Most favourite custom skin of a lot of peoples!

Long ago, MIUI didn’t have many ads and bloatware. Everything was down to minimal and stock experience. However, with time, Xiaomi started collecting user data and services advertisements to their users based on the user data. This is just another way of making money, but it gives un-necessary and annoying advertisements and notifications to the user. The great news is you can easily remove Ads, Bloatware, and Push notifications in MIUI 11. And today, we will guide you to do that without rooting your Xiaomi device.

How to Disable Ads, Bloatware, and Push Notifications in MIUI 11

The main factor here is that the disabling of ads in your Xiaomi smartphones is a complicated process. I am damn sure that you guys may be thinking for the reason why we say like this. For your information, that is because the apps from which you receive these annoying ads from those apps that you guys need in your smartphone. Apparently these are essential system apps and hence you guys can’t really uninstall them from your device without root privilege. There are some ways to uninstall these apps with the help of ADB. However, as we said earlier these are essential apps for your devices and requires in your daily life.

So forget about uninstalling or disabling them from your device. So let us discuss about the other alternatives for this. As you guys guessed, there are several other ways to make these annoying ads in-active. And once you have done with these, you are done with these unnecessary notifications and advertisements on your device. Cheers! You can rock out with your device. With this article first, we will discuss about blocking the push notification that we see in your MiUi 11 running phones. And in the latter we will discuss about all other steps associated with the whole steps.


How to Block Push Notifications in your MIUI 11 running device?

Wait, before going to the process for disabling push notification services in your MiUi 11 running device, let us discuss about what is these push notifications. Push notifications is nothing but these are the random advertisements that you can see in your device’s lock screen. Annoying isn’t it? Let us look when these actually appear in your devices. Firstly these notifications appear when you guys use the Google play store, or while you are unlocking your device, or even while using the messaging apps. Further, you can also see the ads, while you are surfing through your browsers. Now let us get into the crucial part of this topic, i.e. how to block these push notifications.

For this, whenever you guys get a push notification, just simply tap and hold the notification for a while. Then automatically it will show a small dialogue box where you guys can disable these shitty services. From this menu, simply tap on the disable service option and now click on ‘Done’ to block these push notifications in your MIUI 11 running devices. Yes, this is one of the fastest, simplest or easiest methods to remove the un-necessary push notifications which often appear on your MIUI 11 running smartphones. Likewise you can also do this the same for other applications too,

For this, if you want to disable the notification of other applications too, for these also you can do the same step that we have said above. The problem is that you guys will miss out on important notification from these apps. That said, you can also continue receiving the notifications from these apps. That is, you guys can re-initiate these notification services by just navigating to the Settings menu and then to the Notifications sub menu. From here, find the toggle switch of the apps which you don’t want to receive notifications from and turn the toggle off. Next up, we are about to discuss how these ads are personally customized and how to disable this service that disable almost every ad in your MIUI 11 running devices.

How to Disable Ads in MIUI 11 running smartphones?

Talking about Xiaomi devices, first everyone will remember it is about its skin i.e. the MIUI 11. That said, MIUI is a great skin for Android devices; it has a lot of customizations that everyone loves. But now there are some downsides to this, i.e. there are some un-necessary ads that just make the user experience of this phone worse. Our team is sure that everyone reading this stuff want to get rid of them immediately; i.e. as soon as possible. Here we come with a quick guide for removing these ads from MIUI 11 permanently. There are some perquisites for this.

For this, first of all, you guys need to disable the MSA application from your device. The reason behind this is that this app is responsible for collecting information from your devices and serving ads based on these information. That said, they come with personalized ads your devices. So by disabling this app’s service, you guys will get rid of those un-necessary advertisements seen in your Xiaomi devices.

For disabling this app, first, navigate to the Settings menu. From here toggle to the Passwords and Security menu. And from this step, you guys can go to the Authorization and Revocation option. Don’t worry, for seeing the MSA app first scroll down. And obviously you can find the toggle for the MSA app. Unless you disable this, it continues to send the information so make sure that this is disabled.

Do Note that the MSA apps work with an internet connection only. So make sure to connect your device with the internet before disabling the app. And after you connect, tap to the disable toggle for almost 4-5 times, and after this, it will toggle off successfully. After this, we will look at disabling the ads that see in your settings menu of your MIUI running device.

How to Disable System Ads in your MIUI 11 running Xiaomi devices?

You guys have done with the MSA, i.e. with the disabling of the MSA app. The benefit is that you guys would get rid of the system ads in your MIUI 11 running device. But there are a lot of other system apps that will send out ads to your MIUI 11 running devices. For example take the apps like the default browser in your phone, music app, local app store, and many other apps. These are the ones that will show advertisements than other system ads. And to be honest, these annoys than any other one. For tackling this we need to disable them one by one.

First, navigate to the App options menu & then go to the Privacy & Security option. From here you guys will find an option for “Personalized services“. Once you find that simply disable this option. This service also will disable the personalized ad serving in your MIUI 11 running app.

Like these you guys need to disable such Personalised service even in the Mi Video app. For doing this simple step, just navigate to the Mi Video Settings. Once you reach here, you will find an option for toggling the “Online Recommendations” & “Push notifications” options. For this just simply tap on the option for disabling this. As we said at the starting of this paragraph you guys need to do the same settings in each and every app that are present in all MIUI apps like Music app, Mi weather app, and even in the Mi File Manager and all other Xiaomi apps.

How to Disable Lock Screen Ads in your MIUI 11 running Xiaomi devices?

Till we discussed about disabling ads in the settings of your MIUI 11 running device and in many other areas. After this, now we will teach you guys to disable the Lock Screen ads seen in your devices. These are the ads that you frequently see on the lock screen while locking or unlocking your MIUI 11 running smartphone. For doing this step, you guys need to open the Settings menu. Once you reach here scroll and look for the Lock Screen menu and click on the Wallpaper Carousel. After reaching here you guys can see the toggle for disabling the “Turn on Wallpaper Carousel” option. After finishing this, you guys are done with the disabling of the MIUI 11 Lock Screen ads.

Wait guys! Don’t skip the post by reading till here, there are more things to do for disabling the ads in your MIUI 11 running Xiaomi device. For this, you guys are also required to disable the personalized ad recommendation’s toggle. What this option does is that this tracks the user’s behavior and then pushes out the notifications or advertisements according to this data which they have collected earlier. As you guys know, with this post we meant that we need you guys for not seeing these unwanted ads. In order to do this, go to the Settings menu. Search for Password & Security option and now toggle to the Privacy option.

How to uninstall this Bloatware from MIUI 11 running Xiaomi device?


Till this, we discussed about removing the ads that can be seen in your Xiaomi devices. Next up to make your Xiaomi phone much cleaner is by removing the Bloatware on your phones. Coming to the Bloatware, it is just the another major problem that we have seen in Xiaomi devices, which most of the users face. Xiaomi devices come with un-necessary apps like Mi TV, Mi Remote, Mi weather, Mi Browser, Mi Videos, etc. But some apps like Mi Remote are used by several people in order to control their home appliances. The problem with these apps is that they also show unnecessary ads and notification, which really disturbs the users using these devices.

You guys may think why Xiaomi does all these things. Since these bloatware apps are the primary source of income for Xiaomi. These gives more income to the brand than the income they receive by selling their smartphones. What to do, if you guys want to remove these apps from your smartphone. In order to uninstall system apps on MIUI 11 running devices, then you guys need to use the ADB bridge to do the same.

Important Warming: Till these, it was just simpler steps that everyone could do. From our next guide onwards it is meant for only Android enthusiasts. And what we come to say that the we guys will not take any responsibility against any damage done to your device. It is better not to do if you don’t know about rooting, debugging and ADB bridge. We recommend only to proceed with this guide if you know what you are dealing with. Apparently, those who undertake this risk, can also proceed with this.

For this first of all, we need to you guys to setup the ADB on your PC and smartphone. The process is quite simple for even a noob; that said it is damn easy. Nothing major, it can be done by executing a few commands out there and after this, you guys can completely uninstall these bloatware apps on your Xiaomi smartphone. Once you are done with downloading ADB, just setup it by entering few “Y”.

Important Note: Once you get into the app, start removing bloatware, but do not uninstall Security app from Xiaomi. Because this is a crucial app and once you delete this will boot loop your device. Boot loop means nothing but it won’t boot your device, only shows the icon of the brand.

Once done with installation of both ADB and Xiaomi Debloater, now connect your Xiaomi smartphone with your PC. After this open the Xiaomi Debloater software, and do note to turn on USB debugging seen under the Developer options. After connecting your device, this will automatically detect your device and then it will show you a list of apps that can be deleted easily in just a click.

An extra tip for you guys: Do not forget to take a full backup of your smartphone before proceeding with the above said steps. Further, also make sure to charge your device’s battery to at least 70 per cent to avoid risks. In 99 per cent cases, the data wouldn’t be lost, we are saying as a pre caution.

Now let us conclude this post by saying a few words!

We hope that you guys understand to remove ads and other things like the Bloatware, and Push Notifications in MIUI 11. These things are the ones which destroys the user experience of MIUI 11. These things are the ones which destroys the user experience of MIUI 11. As we said these ads are primary incomes for the brand rather than the income which they receive by selling products. And of course these ad serving and bloatware apps on Xiaomi devices are significant for our privacy concerns.

These often sends data to their servers in China. As most of you guys know that by selling information, a lot of money can be made. Because these information have millions of users like various business, so they csn promote their business. So we recommend you guys to remove them for a safer and friendly mobile experience. This is all from us and we are happy to assist you. This means that if you have any queries on the same, do let us known in the comment section.

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