How To Fix Alcatel Water Damaged Smartphone [Quick Guide]

Alcatel is an international smartphone manufacturer that designs, develops, and produce Android-enabled smartphones for every segment. Although it is a promising smartphone brand, an issue has been lingering its user base which is nothing was water damage which is one of the biggest reason why smartphones stop working. Water is the greatest enemy of any electronic device and if we are talking about smartphones, they are delicate and thus, the users must be extra cautious that they don’t spill water or any liquid on their devices or drop their Alcatel phones in the toilet or pool or while roaming around the beach or absolutely anywhere if there is water.

But consider that you accidentally dropped your water in a pool or toilet, note that there will be many users reading this extract who are trying to find out how they can fix Alcatel water damaged smartphone as they accidentally dropped it in water. So, what’s the next step and how can you fix it? There are many questions an user may ask and we have tried to answer everything you need to know about to how to fix Alcatel water damaged smartphone.

How To Fix Alcatel Water Damaged Smartphone [Quick Guide]

Know what you don’t need to do

Before I can actually start with the procedure or the methods you can employ in order to fix your Alcatel water damaged smartphone, you need to know that there are some things that you cannot and shouldn’t do in case if your phone is water damaged.

Firstly, don’t panic as it will increase your response time for removing the phone from the water or any liquid. Stay calm and remove the water and place it on a dry surface immediately. Further, you mustn’t shake or wobble the phone assuming that it will remove excess water from the phone. The reason is simple, doing something like shaking the phone can and will push water or even a droplet into the internal components which are hydrophobic and any interaction with water will damage it. You shouldn’t press any key or tap on the screen at any time until you read it in the below procedure.

Further, you shouldn’t plug in the charger with the phone immediately after you drew it out of the water. Since electricity and water cannot withstand each other, it will cause further damage to the smartphone. Moving further, you should use microwave, blowers, or vacuum cleaner until it is stated in the below procedure as it will cause more damage. Hope that you have understood the things you shouldn’t do. Let’s move towards the procedure that you can follow to fix this common issue which is although, difficult to resolve in most cases.

What should you do to fix Alcatel water damaged smartphone?

How To Fix Alcatel Water Damaged Smartphone [Quick Guide]

Here’s what you can do to fix the water damaged smartphone, however, you must ensure that you act fast and try to complete the entire procedure. Note that there are exceptions when you phone that you dropped in water or spill water on it will start and work properly with just simple clean using a dry cloth but with the severity of the damage, the way you can use to fix it changes. Here is a generalized procedure on how to fix Alcatel water damaged smartphone.

1. First, remove the phone out of the water and keep it aside on a dry surface. Note that the phone must have switched off by now but in case if it is still turned on, press the power button gently to turn it off. This is crucial to ensure that there is no extensive damage or corrosion to the internal components.

2. Disassemble the phone by removing the back panel, SIM cards, and microSD card and take a paper towel or a dry cloth or a microfiber cloth and dab on the exterior of the phone to wipe off excess water. Take the cloth to suck water from SIM card slots, memory card slot, USB port, audio jack, and all other orifices from where water can escape into the internal assembly or PCB.

3. It’s time to use the vacuum cleaner. Note that I earlier stated that you shouldn’t use it until I this particular step pops up. Now, set the settings on your vacuum cleaner to a light or lower level that can suction water out of the phone and use the same to suck out water.

4. If you have working knowledge on how to disassemble the phone to its PCB or if you can refer any website or video on YouTube on how to disassemble the phone completely, use it to disassemble but ensure that you can reassemble it together. When the PCB is out, you can use the vacuum cleaner to suck even the traces of water from the circuit. Further, use Isopropyl alcohol or its equivalent solution to dab on the circuit and other the rest of the phone’s casing that will remove corrosion, debris, as well as evaporate excess water and moisture from it.

5. It’s time to slip the phone in a ziplock bag. You might have heard that rice is one of the best water absorbents and that is the property you can use to remove any residual moisture from the phone. Put the phone in a ziplock bag and fill it up with uncooked rice and ziplock it for a period of 2 to 3 days straight without opening it. You can also use silica gel or silica cat litter that are available alternatives to uncooked rice. Keep the bag zipped for few days.

6. After 3 days, remove the phone out of the bag and check if the smartphone turns on or not. If the phone doesn’t respond to the power button, there is a possibility that the battery has drained completely. Plug in the phone to a charger and let the battery recharge for few minutes which is enough to turn on the phone. It is possible that only a handful of devices will turn on using this procedure as water is a truly damaging element and can convert your phone into a useless piece of metal and plastic.

What should you do in the future?

How To Fix Alcatel Water Damaged Smartphone [Quick Guide]

In future, I recommend all the smartphones users to keep the phone away from water. If you are too fond of water, consider buying a smartphone with a water-resistant coating such as IP67 or IP68, etc. These devices are capable of withstanding water to a maximum depth of 1m for more or less 30 minutes which is based on various factors. These smartphones are expensive and thus, you will have to think it through if you wish to invest a good fortune towards buying smartphones that are good with water but still, you will have to maintain distance from water or any other liquid as much as possible.

There’s a way around if you are looking for cheaper alternatives. You can buy a waterproof case and cover for your phone that is tested to withstand water at a certain depth for a certain duration which could vary based on the manufacturer and the product. There are few choices such as Dog & Bone, Lifeproof, etc that you can choose and invest in buying it which is a worthwhile investment.

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