Is Oppo RealMe 1 Waterproof device to buy today?

Is Oppo RealMe 1 Waterproof device to buy today: Oppo’s smartphone lineup is increasing day by day. Oppo just announced their latest budget oriented smartphone a few weeks ago with promising features with an affordable price range. The newest smartphone by Oppo is Oppo RealMe 1 which comes in the category of budget smartphone. Being a budget smartphone, many people are wondering whether the device is waterproof or not? So to test that to its full extent, today we are to perform Oppo Realme 1 water test.

Many people are wondering whether Oppo RealMe 1 is waterproof or not? So we are going to perform Oppo Realme 1 waterproof test

Oppo Realme was launched on may 2018 with a huge hype between budget smartphone buyers. This device offers many features in budget price segment. This has raised the market standards for new smartphone buyers. However, it is unclear weather Opp realme 1 is waterproof or no because there is no ip68 rating over the box. So let us perform Oppo Realme waterproof test and check whether this device is waterproof or not.

Oppo RealMe 1 Water Splash Test

When the latest budget smartphone; Oppo Realme 1 is subjected to minor water droplets, it works flawlessly. However, when large water droplets or a mini shower is thrown on a smartphone, it starts to malfunction. The screen becomes unresponsive and triggers random app openings. This is because this screen is not designed to operate underwater. So it does not register touch inputs in our water splash test. However, when we wiped the device with a piece of microfiber cloth, everything seems to work normally.

Oppo RealMe 1 Water Immersion Test

After the water splash test, it is time to test Oppo RealMe 1 for water resistance to its full extent. When subjected to water immersion, no air bubbles were detected. This is a good thing as the device is not trapping any kind of moisture while immersing in water. However while in the immersed state, the user cannot operate device’s screen because the touchscreen does not work underwater. This makes the device unusable under water. So people who were looking to take some great shots underwater might feel a little bit disappointed now.

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I/O Waterproof Test

The main component of checking a device water-resisting capabilities is to subject its I/O ports in water for few minutes. In Oppo’s RealMe’s case, headphone jack and the speaker seems to get water damage. The headphone jack doesn’t work, and the speaker is also giving distorted sounds. However, after keeping the device for few hours in a container full of rice solves these problems.


Oppo RealMe 1 Washing Test

When subjected to shower water or immersing in a tub full of water, the device seems to become unresponsive to touches. This is because of ghost touch issue. The camera and screen work perfectly under water. However, the user can not operate the screen underwater, so it does not have a practical use.

So it turns out that Oppo RealMe is not entirely waterproof. It is certain to get some water damage in its delicate parts like its speaker, camera and headphone jack. I advise Oppo RealMe 1 users to keep a distance from water, and this might damage their smartphone.

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