How To Fix An iPhone That Won’t Ring

iPhone smartphones are, undoubtedly, the most secure phones on the planet, thanks to their iOS operating system. But, unfortunately, iOS, even though it is a very reliable mobile OS, it still has its issues. One of the most common errors that iOS present is an iPhone that won’t ring. Many times, iPhone and iPad users complain that their Apple devices are not ringing whenever they receive an incoming call. In this article, I will show you how to fix an iPhone that won’t ring.

Before commencing with the troubleshooting guide on how to fix an iPhone that won’t ring, we must check out which might be the problems behind the glitch. Accordingly, an iPhone is not ringing because of the following issues:

  • Faulty speaker
  • Mute Mode is on
  • DND is on
  • Ringtone is faulty
  • Headphone Mode is on
  • Restart your iPhone

How To Fix An iPhone That Won’t Ring

Faulty speaker

The speaker that’s situated at the bottom of your iPhone smartphone it’s responsible for every sound that your device generates, including ringtones, music, voice, and so on.

In case you do not hear any sounds when someone calls you, then you might face a broken speaker. To check that out, and be sure that your speaker is the issue, indeed, you’ll have to run a YouTube video, for instance, and see if the speaker works on that occasion.

Mute Mode is On

Before proceeding to more complicates solutions to fix an iPhone that won’t ring, you have to check out that you have not silenced your device by accident. To see that, go to Settings -> Sounds & Haptics -> Ringer and Alerts. Ensure that “Ringer and Alerts” option is not all the way to the left side of the screen.

If it is as such, that means that the Mute Mode is on, so you’ll not hear any sounds. Accordingly, you have to move the switch to the right in case you want to turn sounds on.

Do-Not-Disturb (DND) Mode is On

Sometimes, you might forget DND mode on. Accordingly, you can switch the Do-Not-Disturb Mode off if you follow the next steps:

  • Go to Settings -> Do Not Disturb
  • See if the DND mode is either set on Manual or Scheduled modes
  • In case the DND mode is on Manual, then toggle it Off (White)
  • If Scheduled is on, then the DND mode turns on automatically whenever it’s set

Faulty Ringtone

In case your iPhone is never receiving incoming phone calls and doesn’t ring whenever that happens, then you may face a faulty ringtone. To see if that’s the case, check your iPhone for corrupted ringtones. Here’s everything you should do:

  • Go to Settings -> Sounds & Haptics -> Ringtone
  • Select another ringtone from the list

Headphone mode might be on

On many occasions, and iPhone that won’t ring is due to a headphone mode that might remain on. While this thing is not a very common issue, some users experience it, and the glitch is causing many troubles for iPhone users.

To troubleshoot that, you have to plug and unplug headphones, check out the output audio settings, or clean the audio jack.

Restart your iPhone

Rebooting your iPhone can fix lots of bugs and glitches. Accordingly, to fix an iPhone that won’t ring, you can always try restarting your iOS-based device. You can simply do that from the iOS system.

Even more, to fix an iPhone that won’t ring, you might have to update your iOS to the latest version. If there is one available, then you should upgrade your system to the newest iOS variant. In short, if none of the before-mentioned solutions do solve your issue with your iPhone, then you have to turn to your local Apple Store for professional assistance.

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