How to Fix Bluboo Overheating Problem – Troubleshooting Fix & Tips

Bluboo smartphones like any other brand are subjected to overheating. It’s something that every smartphone manufacturer has been trying to solve. Smartphones like Bluboo have a high-end configuration which means it can handle millions of calculations at lightning fast speed. But this also contributes to a Bluboo overheating problem easily. It happens often when processors are working tirelessly performing at their optimum capability and start to heat up from inside. Although smartphones are capable of handling overheating and such kind of issues, excess overheating can damage the processors or the component with which it interacts and therefore, one should not let the system overheat.

The agents that can cause overheating are available in abundance and so are its fixes. It is well-known fact that one shouldn’t use the phone when charging as it is often a cause of Bluboo overheating. Refraining from it and other similar things that contribute towards rising temperature must refrain. To reduce such instances, you can take measures at the first place. These are simple easy-to-remember tips that you can use to prevent your phone from overheating.


How To Fix Bluboo Overheating Issue?

1. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Well, it is not a rocket science to remember and avoid the phone exposed to direct sunlight. The chances of the phone getting heated increases exponentially when it is exposed to direct sunlight even in short burst or exposure. Opting for a light-colored smartphone or at least light colored cover case can reflect most of the heat. Choosing black over any color isn’t intelligent since black absorbs more heat while other colors tend to reflect most of the sunlight.

2. Reduce Display Brightness

Reducing even a single source of energy expenditure will curb any potential overheating. The battery is a resource that is limited to use until of course, you charge it again. It overheats when a number of processes consume high battery life. This overburdens the battery and that is what things get too hot. If you get a hint that phone’s temperature is more than usual, stop it right there. Keep your phone aside for a second and let it cool. Decreasing the brightness will ease the burden on the device thus facilitating in lowering the temperature but it is not a standalone solution. You can use Battery power saving mode or decrease the brightness level of the screen by tweaking the level which is available in the notification tray.

3. Remove the case and let it cool

Think about it. Increasing temperature will eventually decrease the phone performance and proportionally, rise the chances of hardware damage. At any moment you feel warmth when holding the phone, take off the cover case or mobile cover and keep it o cool down for few minutes.

4. Avoid Using Phone while it’s charging

If you use your Bluboo smartphone too often, it will be difficult but not impossible. You don’t need to stick with the phone the whole day even when it is charging. Avoid using the phone when it is charging as it will eventually bring the battery life down. Charging too often and overcharging are two relevant habits that ruin battery life too. But it will hinder the phone’s performance too. It will cause your phone to heat up since you are charging the phone as well as using the battery which creates tension under the hood.

charging phone

With significant improvements in the smartphone technology, an average phone takes around 2 hours to fully charge its battery. Thus, you can think of a way to stay away from your phone at least for that Period of time.  If you can’t, there is a tip that developers believe works well. Charge the phone over 50% and keep it at least 50%. That means use your phone but don’t let your battery life go down to 50%. This way. It will take less time to charge the phone as well as it will be bearable to refrain from yourself from using it if you are addicted.

5. Install Anti-virus Apps

If your phone is heating up even when you haven’t exposed it to sunlight or overburden it, malware attacks is another issue that your phone might be reporting. Simply download a reliable anti-virus program from the Google Play store, scan the device and quarantine such viruses, if found. You can also delete registry and other useless files to prevent overburdening of resources consumption.

6. Install Apps that lower temperature

You might have heard of apps that clear up useless and unwanted files from the device as well take privilege in fixing battery related issues. Apps like Cleaner CC are capable of lowering the temperature of the device if an anomaly is found.

  • Go to Google Play Store.
  • Search for such apps.
  • Download and Install the files and use it.

7. Heavy Date / WiFi Usage

Using Internet via mobile data consumes a lot of battery power but also ample of processing power that goes to facilitate your internet connection. In general, consuming too much in small time frame puts a burden on the processor which might start heating it up. Using Wifi network can consume more battery power thus releasing more heat if used on a long exposure.

8. Online / Offline Streaming

Yet another way to make use of a smartphone when traveling or to get out of boredom is to watch videos. Gone are the days when videos were available in 3gp and 144p videos. You can stream 1080p or even 4k videos on your phone. Playing videos and media when the internet connection or wifi is enabled consumes a lot of resources. For instance, playback of high-definition videos takes large bandwidth, additional battery power to play it and enough resources to support the playback as well as other background processes. When combined, the processor has to process numerous threads, services. Sometimes, the phone starts to get warm after some time of use but with constant usage, the processor will heat up and crash the system eventually. Therefore, you must limit the media streaming on your phone and cool it down to its optimum temperature.

9. Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

No matter what specification you pick, with enough apps and data in usage, you will eventually run out of space if you don’t limit the apps installed on your device. These apps no matter how dormant or useless they are, use some amount of battery, memory and eventually processing power. Hoarding of the available resources might crash the system when it actually needs it when you are doing some task. Moreover, your processor is destined to process only a limited amount of data so overloading it with additional data can result in system crash. Overheating of the device is another adverse effect of installing numerous apps on your phone apart from reduced processing speed, performance and more.

  • To Uninstall the unwanted apps from your Bluboo phone, open the Google Play Store.
  • Click on Apps & Games on the menu bar.
  • Check out the list of apps installed.
  • Click on the app that you want to uninstall and hit the ‘Uninstall’ button.
  • Confirm by hitting ‘Yes’.


  • Go to Settings > App Manager
  • Scroll down the list and check all the apps that you had downloaded.
  • Tap on the app that you want to remove and then click on ‘Uninstall button.

10. Heavy Gaming


Similar to the previous tip, heavy gaming can hinder with the processors as it will be overloaded with the data to be processed. Play wifi enabled games and you will surpass the limits of the processors and it will start to overload and eventually, crash.

11. Update Software

Outdated apps and Android O.S. can play a significant role is churning more battery power and in overloading processor due to a bug. It can also cause warmth or further, heat up the phone. You can resolve it by simply updating the apps that you have been using lately as well as the O.S. patches and upgrades available for your device.

12. Close Running Apps & Background Processes

Are you a multitasker? Do you love listening to music while playing games and connect to the Wifi together? Or if not, there are background processes which run without your information. Since its running, they use some of the processing power thereby consuming a little bit of power that would otherwise be used in running useful apps. A quick fix for this Bluboo overheating issue is to kill current apps, kill background apps, limit these processes.

13. Do a Factory Data Reset


If overheating issue continues even after you took these measures, the only resort is to perform a factory data reset. FDR will reset the device in its original factory settings freeing up all the memory used, processing power in use, and other resources. It is also helpful when the device is heating up as prolonged exposure can cause fatal physical damage to the hardware. There are basically two methods that you can use to do FDR. To provide a detailed guide on how to curb overheating issues on your Bluboo smartphones, I have covered almost all possible aspects and fixes that will elevate your phone’s life.
Before commencing FDR, note that all the data ever stored on the device will be erased permanently. So, take a backup of the photos, files, videos, etc and keep it safe.

13.1. How To Perform FDR Using Hardware Keys?

  • Firstly, switch off the phone using Power Button.
  • Now, next step is to hold the Power button and Volume Up button together for few seconds.
  • As soon as the Android Logo appears on the screen, release both the keys.
  • In Recovery Mode, you can scroll through the options using Volume Up/Down buttons.
  • Direct to the ‘wipe data/factory reset’ option and hit the Power button to select it.
  • The device will prompt the user to confirm; hit the Power button to accept it.
  • After the process is over, click on ‘Reboot System Now’ to restart the phone.

13.2. How To Perform FDR Using ‘Reset’ Feature?

Another method to fix overheating issues with Bluboo smartphone is by using Reset feature. Note that both these features are also called as Hard Reset.

  • You’ll have to switch ON your phone.
  • Open the Settings tool on your phone and select ‘Backup & Reset’.
  • Next is to click on ‘Reset Phone’ and enter the required credentials.
  • Once done, press the button ‘Erase Everything’ and the process will proceed further.
  • Restart the phone and check if it is giving any overheating problem or not.

14. Damage Due To Water / Fall

No doubt that if there is no software related issue on your phone that can explain its overheating problem, the hardware is to be blamed. Phones do get loaded with many processes and that increases its core temperature. But, water damage to the internal components can also cause Bluboo overheating. If you recently dropped your phone somewhat, there is a strong possibility that the internal device is damaged or have become haywire.

15. Overclocking

If you are a developer or someone with knowledge about smartphones like how to tweak their software and hardware to perform optimally, you would have heard about overclocking. The phone might be processing more data than it can actually support which will over time cause overclocking issue. This is one of the potential reason for overheating but, if you aren’t familiar with it, then it is not probably the answer to your question on how to solve it. These were 16 tips on how to fix Bluboo Overheating Problem. At GetDroidtips, you can learn and read more about such cool tricks on your Android or iPhone devices with ease.

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