How to Fix BQ Mobile Battery Draining Problems – Troubleshooting and Fixes

Irrespective of what battery capacity your phone offers, the battery will eventually drain in a couple of hours. But what if I say your phone is facing battery draining problems? This actually means that your phone is losing battery life abnormally and more than usual due to various actors that play a vital role in battery consumption. But there are many other reasons that could trigger such as obscure behavior on a smartphone which is why we recommend users to check out the solutions and troubleshooting methods to fix any battery-related issues on which, you can find abundant content on GetDroidTips similar to this BQ Mobile explicit guide so read long.

How to Fix BQ Mobile Battery Draining Problems - Troubleshooting and Fixes

Reboot the phone

As we are talking about the BQ Mobile battery draining problems, it’s better to turn off the device when the battery is draining abnormally. As said, the method is simple in working. It shuts all apps and processes without saving the data. It frees up hoarded memory and storage and other resources providing a fresh plate with abundant resources to utilize when rebooted. This relieves the strain on the battery while fixes any bug that might have caused the system to consume battery life more than it wants causing the issue.

Close all the apps & processes

If you don’t want to reboot the device which will eliminate all apps and might not prompt to save unsaved data as well, you can always close all the apps and processes by yourself. This will allow you to throttle the apps that stay and the ones that will be closed when you feel that the battery is draining quickly. You can dive into ‘Settings >> Apps >> Running’ to check for apps running and close it right there.

Turn off connectivity services

If you are observing faster battery drain, employ this method when no connectivity services are in use. You can disable NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth, Location, etc when not in use and that will save a good chunk of the battery which these services might consume even when not in used but active.

Check for power-hungry apps

This list includes graphic-intensives apps and games such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop and PUBG, etc. These apps are intensive and require a lot of battery power to work around. But then there are apps that will consume more than usual power due to bugs or other software glitches or even viruses which is why you should get the phone checked for viruses too. Now, you can check which apps are draining the battery the most by navigating to the ‘Settings >> Battery’ to check consumption. You can either close those apps that consume a lot of battery or uninstall it or even use it in a short burst to preserve battery.

Uninstall the apps that are unwanted/unused

Apps can play a vital role in contributing to the battery draining problems. This is why experts recommend users to get rid of apps that aren’t necessary. You can check out the list of apps via ‘Settings >> Apps >> All’. Here, you can uninstall apps that you had downloaded while bloatware is required to be disabled as they cannot be uninstalled.

Enable airplane mode

This might not seem related by airplane mode can help avert battery draining problems at least temporarily. This is because all the cellular networks are cut off and the phone is left to use wifi only although all the other apps and services remain untouched. This can save a lot of battery backup if you enable it during the night when you don’t expect a call or you can enable it when in a no network region since it is easy to disable it too.

Use the phone sporadically

I tried a number of techniques to squeeze the battery for a longer duration and this is one of the most effective methods I tried. The method involves using the phone sporadically and not using it continuously for hours. This will escalate the Screen-on-Time (SoT) and the standby duration which means you use the phone for a longer duration by using it in a short burst. To simplify it, use the phone for 10 minutes or 20 minutes and keep it aside for few minutes. Repeat the same procedure and you might observe a rich battery life.

Use power saving modes

Many smartphones have a pre-installed power saving mode while others require a third-party app to instill the feature. Once active, the feature saves a chunk of battery life by restricting few apps and features that might otherwise consume power when not required. It also limits the number of apps that can be used while adjusts the display settings such as the brightness to the minimum to save that little amount of battery and so on. Many smartphones like Samsung flagship devices have an additional ultra power saving mode too.

Adjust the display settings

Your phone has a number of display settings that you can employ to throttle the battery usage. You can bring down the brightness of the screen during nighttime when it is not that crucial while amp up to a moderate or high level during the day as per the surrounding. You can set a wake-up timer to a minimum wherein the screen will automatically turn off when the phone doesn’t register a touch within the said duration. You can turn off Always-On screen. Further, you can set up scheduled on/off wherein the phone will automatically turn off and turn on when said.

Wipe off all types of cache files

When you access an app, the system creates cache files to store data that ease retrieval of the app for the next time when you open it. But cache files are susceptible to getting corrupted and that is why people encounter a series of problems ranging from performance issues, screen freezing, restarting, wifi problems, etc and the battery draining problems aren’t different.

To delete cache files, go to ‘Settings → Apps → Downloaded’ to clear app-level cache files by hitting the ‘Clear Cache’ button against all the apps. Further, to delete storage cache, go to ‘Storage → Cache Memory’ within the Settings app to delete the same. Finally, boot into the recovery mode to wipe cache partition.

Upgrade the OS

The firmware or the OS is essentially the backbone of a smartphone which makes it imperative to update every now and then when updates are available. Also, updates bring bug fixes and new features which is universal for both OS the and applications on your phone which are crucial to keeping updated as well. This is a preventive measure that one can utilize to steer away from issues on a smartphone.

  • To check for firmware updates, visit ‘Settings → About Device → Software Updates → Check for updates’, finally, download the said file and install it.
  • To check for app updates, access the Google Play Store app and tap on ‘My apps and games’ to check for available updates.

Check if the charger/battery is damaged

If the battery isn’t charging well, it will drain quickly. Similarly, if the charger is not compatible or of third-party or if the battery has ceased to work at its optimum output, etc, it will cease to work properly. This is why you need to get both these components checked. To check for a faulty charger, simply swap it with another one and check if the phone charges properly or not. To check the battery, seek help from a technician

Battery maintenance

There are practical numerous ways you can escalate the standby and SOT of your battery. One of the ways you can do is to maintain it using the proportions which are regarded as one of the effective methods. Firstly, do not charge the phone in-between and rather stick to a 90:10 or 80:10 proportion. The upper limit is actually the total amount of battery you can charge and the lower limit is when you need to charge it up again. Also, charging the phone on a cool surface could improve the battery life even further.

Perform a hard reset on the device

To finally put an end to the battery draining problems, you can use this method to completely restore the factory settings thereby bypassing and fixing any software-related issues whatsoever. You need a procedure to boot the phone into a recovery mode wherein restoring is simply.

  • Turn off the device.
  • Press power plus volume up button together and keep it hold for few seconds until an Android logo flashes on the screen.
  • Leave the keys and wait for a second.
  • Now, you need to select the option that goes by the title ‘clear data/factory reset’ using volume rockers for toggling and power button as a selection key.
  • Lastly, reboot the device and set it up from scratch and there you have it.

Get it checked with a technician

If you can’t get the BQ Mobile battery draining problems, it is time to move to a nearby service center and get it fixed up before it becomes severe. You can ask if the battery or the charger or any hardware or software is the cause and get it resolved after paying a charge if not covered by the warranty (if available). You can also visit a third-party service center but it will risk your warranty period so be assured.

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