How To Fix HiSense Water Damaged Smartphone [Quick Guide]

Contact of water with a phone is one of the worst and heart freezing things that can happen even to best of us as it leads to water damaged smartphone. Often we accidentally drop our smartphones in water and then try anything and everything to recover it. Well this is something you need to panic as the water causes the metal paths in the circuit board to corrode, making the water damaged phone useless. But if you act fast then you can avoid your smartphone becoming water damaged.

How To Fix HiSense Water Damaged Smartphone [Quick Guide]

Things You Should Not Practice with a Water damaged smartphone

These precautions can make a lot of difference in the recovery process of your water damaged device.

  • Do not switch ON the phone, because electrical components may get short-circuited.
  • Do not try to charge the device too.
  • Avoid using any ports or pressing any buttons which may push water even deep.
  • Do not shake the device at all.
  • Avoid heating the phone in the process of drying it with a blow dryer since it’s usage is a complete no.

How To Fix HiSense Water Damaged Smartphone [Quick Guide]

Here are a few methods that you can do to try to revive your phone and bring it back, working in the original state.

Step 01: Take the device out

The longer your device stays underwater, the lower its chances of recovery. If the phone is on, power it off and take out the battery if it is removable as water and electricity could damage electrical components. Find a dry surface and keep it over some cloth or paper towels if you can.

Step 02: Try to dry the exterior

Use the paper towel to dry out every component and wipe off the exterior of the device. Don’t force the water inside ports such as the headphone jack and mic.

Step 03: Separate the parts of water damaged smartphone

Pop out your SIM card and other user-removable assemblies. If back cover is removable then simply take it off. If removable, take out the battery too, just to minimize the risk of it getting affected. This includes microSD card also.

Step 04: Try a vacuum cleaner

To dry areas where a paper towel might not reach, use a vacuum cleaner to completely dry the phone. Just make sure the suctioning isn’t too harsh. Although soaks most of the water but you still have some moisture left inside the device that can still corrode and damage components.

Step 6: Try traditional Rice Method

This is one of the most commonly used and known techniques. Get an airtight container or a ziplock bag and fill it with raw rice. Place your phone inside the container, buried in rice and shut the ziplock bag/container tight and keep it in a dry place. It will take 2 to 3 days as recommended by the experts after which, you can remove the phone and check if it works or not.

Step 6 B: Try Silica packets

Silica gel is one of the best serious-business drying agents in most cases. Silica packets are often included with shipped electronics for this very reason. Sometimes it proves a better idea than using rice.

Step 6 C: Use  isopropyl alcohol

If you are experienced phone tech-expert and know to the whole phone apart and do not mind to risk the warranty, then you can go ahead with this step. Wet a brush with the isopropyl alcohol and start wiping down the circuit board. This will get rid of the moisture while clearing any corrosive elements.

Step 7: Try Switching ON the device

Now it’s time to check out water-damaged phone after drying it. Plug in the battery and press the power key to turn it on. It is possible that the battery might have drained, so plug in the charger and fuel up your device. If it works, you have succeeded. Test the components such as touch, speaker, camera etc. Try making a call to check proper working of mic and earpiece.

Step 7 A: [ If the Device doesn’t switch ON(unfortunately) ]

If all these methods are not in your favor, it’s quite possible that you’ll not be able to revive the water damaged smartphone. Consult a technician or take it to an authorized service center, although water damage is not covered in the standard warranty. They will be able to dismantle your phone and assess the damage better and provide the required resolution at a service change and repair/replacement charge if required.

Tips on Recovering Data From Water Damaged (for Android users)

If for some reason, your water damaged smartphone cannot be revived using the above methods, you can still recover your data if you are using an Android smartphone. Try Android Data Recovery software to extract data from water-damaged Android phone.

However, if you think that you are frequently caught up in such situations, stay away from water when you are using the phone. If your smartphone has a certified IP rating or protection against water, good enough. But if not, invest in a phone that has a certified IP rating. This would surely cost more but keep you safe in such conditions.

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