How to Fix Huawei Honor 8X Random Rebooting Issue[Quick Troubleshoot]

Smartphones provide us with the best of technology at our fingertips. However, they too are machines and sometimes go out of hands and create trouble.  One such issue which is pretty common among various devices is the continuous rebooting of the device. In a simple sense, the device reboots, home screen appears then again in no time the device re-reboots. This cycle keeps continuing. Huawei Honor 8X is a new device and maybe some user faces such issues. So, in this post, we will discuss how to fix the Honor 8X Random Rebooting Issue.

Usually, this problem may arise due to installing corrupt applications from untrusted sources, Android security issues, alpha or beta version of the OS.

Honor 8X Random Rebooting Issue

Now, we will provide few fixes for the issue. These processes are quite easier o follow. However, make sure that the random rebooting is the actual and only issue. What we mean if there may be some underlying issue so trying something to fix may lead to arising of some other issue. Let’s take a look at the few easy tips to fix the Fix Huawei Honor 8X Random Rebooting Issue.

How To Fix Huawei Honor 8X Random Rebooting Issue

Disclaimer: GetDroidTips will not be responsible for any bricking/damage to your device while or after following this guide.

Method:1 Forced Reboot

Sometimes complex problems can be solved by a simple solution. So, as the method suggests you have to perform a forced reboot. Though it sounds difficult, the actual process is much easier. To do it,

  • Press the Power + Vol Down button simultaneously and hold it for a few seconds.
  • Remember to hold it till your device reboots.

This is a very basic solution that you can employ to fix the random reboot problem on your Huawei Honor 8X.

Method:2 Check for System Software Update/ and Update your Apps

Often the smartphone user base consists of laymen who are unaware of the fact that the software and Apps that run the device they need to be updated constantly. Now the updates come with necessary fix-ups for trouble causing Apps or system actions. An outdated security patch may also trigger the random rebooting issue. So an overall update will refresh the whole device and fixes up various ups and issues. This is another simple method.

To look for device-related System updates, go to phone Settings > System updates > tap on Check for updates. If you see a new software update is available, install it. It will take some time and then restart after updating is done. Now your problem should be solved.

Also, to update individual Apps, you have to visit Google Play Store App on your device and look for new available updates. This is very simple.

  • Open PlayStore App > tap on the 3 horizontal bar on the top left corner > tap on My Apps & games.
  • You will see a list of Apps that will show an Update button beside them(Apps that require an update).
  • Tap on Update. It will take a few minutes for the update to complete.

Method:3 Boot your Honor 8X in Safe Mode

Using smartphones, we always send up installing apps from third parties and unauthorized sources. These applications often become the reason for simplest or complex issues on the smartphone. To overcome that we can use the safe mode boot-up method to fix the problem.

You can boot your Honor 8X in Safe Mode. After that, you may see the rebooting problem is fixed for good. Also, try to avoid installing Apps from unauthorized sources and instead go for official sources.

Method:4 Wiping the System Cache Partition

This is another effective method that can fix the Huawei Honor random reboot issue. This can be useful if the system software is recently updated after which the problem followed. This occurs because the cache partitions may have corrupted.

You can follow our instructional on How To Wipe The System Cache partition on Honor 8X.

Method:5 Check for Corrupted External Storage

This is one of the probable causes that may cause your Honor 8X to reboot randomly. Try to eject your micro SD card(if you’re using one), then check if the problem persists. If the rebooting issue stops, then do not use the SD card or replace it with a new one.

Method:6 Authorized Servicing

Finally, if the device is still persistent at the random reboot issue then kindly take it to the nearest authorized service center. They will hopefully fix the issue for you.

So, these were some of our easy tips to fix Honor 8X Random Rebooting Issue. We hope that this guide will help you fix the problem and make your device run efficiently.


  1. My honor is persistent rebooting,could it be a battery issue because I have done wiping but still the same issue

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