How To Fix Huawei Not Charging Problem [Troubleshoot]

Android-enabled phones like Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, etc are getting powerful with every iteration but there seems to be a common problem faced by all Android users (It doesn’t mean iPhone users do not have this issue). I am talking about the phone not charging problem which could be due to a software glitch or it could be due to a hardware issue. Both of which will make your phone useless because if you can’t get the phone charged, there is nothing you can do on your smartphone as the battery will drain completely. This seems to be a common problem faced by hundreds of users as we receive queries like how to fix phone not charging problem a lot.

In this extract, I have tackled most of the ways that you can use to get the problem fixed. But trust me, if there is a hardware-related issue, you must report it to an authorized service center to get it fixed. To know if the problem is on the software side or hardware side, follow the tips given below and strike out the tips which didn’t work.

 Not Charging Problem

How To Fix Huawei Not Charging Problem?

Get Ampere
The first thing you need to do is to download the app called Ampere from the Google Play Store. The app is essential as it calculates the amount of power drawn, power consumed by apps and other basic parameters. The app can help contemplate if the phone is charging slowly or if it isn’t charging at all as well as providing other basic details such as battery health, status, temperature, etc.

Turn off the phone
You connected the phone to a power outlet when the battery was 10% but after half an hour, the phone is still at 10% or maybe 15%, then this method can be of great help. Android phones have lithium-ion batteries which deteriorate with time. If the battery used to provide 7 hours of backup when you bought the phone, you will notice a significant decrease in battery backup after a year.

Another issue here is that the apps and services are consuming more power from the battery when you plug it into a charger. Why not switch off the phone? It is a great practice as it avoids the user from abruptly checking their phone while it is charging which is quite dangerous. If you don’t want to turn OFF the phone, it is better to turn ON the airplane mode.

Check the charging port for debris
Okay, I used several smartphones over the course of few years and notice that debris in charging port i.e. USB-C port is one of the top reasons why your phone is suffering from not charging problem. You won’t believe but that small socket could hold a considerable amount of debris and dust stuck there which obstruct the charging pin to connect with the port properly. There are several methods that you can employ to get the debris out.

First of all, blow over the port and see if the dust and other debris blow out. If not, try toothpick or needle and gently inside and ride it towards the walls of the port. Note that any physical damage to the internal parts of the port will cause major charging issues. Do not apply pressure on it as the metal tab which connects to the USB port is very delicate and could deform easily.

Check if the charging port is damaged?
There are many reasons why the port could get damage. First of all, it is delicate and could deform even with the slight amount of deformation pressure on its metal tab. If you are someone who keeps the phone plugged into a power outlet often, you must see to it that you connect the charger carefully. The metal tab or the interlocking mechanism affixed to it could wear out with frequent use. Also, water is the biggest enemy of any electronic devices and if the phone or at least the port has recently tasted water, it can cease to work. Blow a torch and check for any deformity in the charging port.

Check the USB Cable or adapter
When you connect a phone to a charger, adapter, USB cable, and finally the charging port that works in combination. You can check if the port is problematic by using the above-given methods. Now, you need to check if the charger adapter or the USB is faulty or not. Take another charger and plug it to check if the phone is charging properly or not. Now, switch the cable and adapter to see which component is faulty.

Take help from the authorized service center
If you don’t know the root cause of the problem, it is better to take it to an authorized service center. I recommend taking the phone to an authorized service center in order to get the best service while preventing the warranty from getting void.

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