How To Fix Koolnee GPS Problem [Methods & Quick Troubleshoot]

I must say that we are actually in an era where GPS is a widely used feature on a smartphone. It has plenty of applications which is why GPS problem on your device could throw you out of the league if not fixed right away. Since GPS is an elaborate system, a lot could go wrong with the service and you need to find out the way to resolve it. This is where you need advice and that is what you are looking for GetDroidTips and we know it. So, here’s how you can fix the Koolnee GPS problem that you need to know that must work.

How To Fix Koolnee GPS Problem [Methods & Quick Troubleshoot]

How To Fix Koolnee GPS Problem?

Toggle GPS icon

Many smartphones call it ‘ Location’ while many still suggest it is to be called ‘GPS’ but it’s the same. If you are facing any trouble accessing GPS on your phone, a toggle on the GPS icon under the notification tray must help fix the issue right away. This method is known to dissolve a number of GPS problem you might be facing including temporary software glitch or failure, disconnection from the GPS antenna or the satellites as a whole and others.

Toggle Airplane Mode

Another way to enforce GPS to work is to toggle the flight mode. This might sound weird since flight mode actually restricts the phone with any cellular or other networks but it does have an impact of temporary network-related issues. Thus, it is included in this and every other network-related issues that you can find with respect to Koolnee smartphones.

Reboot the device

When you tap on GPS icon to enable it but it doesn’t work, it could be because of temporary issues that might have occurred when you tried enabling it. This could be a software issue and a quick reboot can fix it right away since it seldom takes a minute to perform a complete reboot on a smartphone.

Scrutinize for interference

GPS antenna that comes mounted on your device deals with interference all the time but it is plausible that when you tried it recently, it faced an increased level of interference due to obstructions and obstacles. It is possible that the phone case if causing the issue or the windows, buildings, are causing the trouble too. If this is the case, I would recommend toggling the GPS once and remove the phone case for better network reception.

Turn on High-accuracy mode

Another way to cease interference is to increase accuracy and sensitivity to signal reception. Although this method would increase battery consumption to some degree, it does have better GPS results compared to when disabled. You’ll find the same by proceeding to the Settings >> Location >> Mode >> Enable high-accuracy mode.

Calibrate compass

A lot of people might not know but smartphones have a built-in compass to pair it up with GPS to detect user’s location and orientation. If you think that the Google Maps or any other related app is off-centered or slightly offside than your orientation. This is possible because of an uncalibrated compass. For this, you can use GPS Essentials to calibrate the compass in the right orientation and hopefully, it will resolve the problem as well.

Update Google Maps

If GPS is the problem, could it be an outdated Google Maps exploiting it further? It is quite possible and that is why we have listed here that you need to update Google Maps or any other mapping service that you might be using on your phone right now. Go to Google Play Store >> My apps and games >> Google Maps >> Update.

Update all the applications

Next up is to update all the applications that you have installed on your phone including those bloatware or pre-installed apps as well. You need to update all the said apps simply by opening the Google Play Store app and then, proceed to My apps and games section where a list of all the apps will appear along with the motion to update all apps at once. You can also set it to automatically update by toggling on ‘auto-update’ as well.

Upgrade the OS

Next up is to update the Android firmware as well. This is because outdated firmware is also a cause of many issues and problems. For this, you need to squeeze into the Settings >> About Device >> Software Updates >> Check for Updates and install if available. You can also retreat to a previous firmware version or install a custom ROM as well.

Use GPS Essentials for scrutiny

Google Play Store is full of apps or whatever you can think of. This includes apps like GPS Essentials, GPS Status & Toolbox, etc. This is where you can enable it to scrutinize if the issue is either software or hardware-related. Note that if it is software-related, it can be overcome simply by performing a master reset for which, we have prescribed the procedure. Further, the GPS problem could be due to hardware issue as well where the GPS antenna or any other component related to it could have gone malfunctioned or damaged in any sense.

For this app to work, you need to download it and run it. Now, tap on Satellites on the menu and see if the app shows any satellites on the screen or not. At least four satellites are required to pinpoint your location which makes four mandatory to be shown on the screen. Further, if you are unable to see any satellites, it is possible that the issue is hardware-related.

Perform a full-blown master reset

If the issue is software related and you have done everything you could to rectify it but to no avail, it’s time to unravel the powerful fix. You need to master reset the device to resolve or at least try to resolve it and here’s how you can do it about.
Step #1: Switch off the phone.
Step #2: Press power plus volume up buttons simultaneously.
Step #3: Hold ‘em for several seconds until an Android logo appears on-screen and then release the keys.
Step #4: You need to select ‘wipe data/factory reset’ from the following.
Step #5: Finally, tap on ‘yes — delete all user data’ to get rid of the issue right there.

The conclusive tip

The conclusive tip that I would include in this GPS problem troubleshooting guide is to report the problem to a nearby authorized service center. This is because you’ll get to know if the problem is caused due to hardware or software issues and moreover, you can pay the technicians to get it fixed.

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