How To Fix Koolnee Not Charging Problem [Troubleshoot]

Ain’t your phone charging? Well, it calls for Koolnee not charging problem if you are using a Koolnee smartphone? It can occur due to a number of problems including mishap during a physical drop or dive in the water aka liquid damage. It could be because of software glitch occurred whilst you tried charging the phone or it could be the various components involved in the charging process ranging from the USB port, socket, cable, charging brick, and others. This is where we come into play as we discuss the various workarounds and troubleshooting guides to fix not charging problem on your device.

How To Fix Koolnee Not Charging Problem [Troubleshoot]

How To Fix Koolnee Not Charging Problem?

Reboot the phone

Let’s see what you can do for temporary software glitch and the first one is surely a ‘reboot’. You need to press the power key to set the ball in motion. This method is recommended one since it is often considered as a remedy to any software glitch caused either gradually or all at the same time. This is why I advise users to go through it once to verify if it works or not.

Clear all types of cache files

Cache files are temporary files created by the system as a whole and on app-level that enables the user to retrieve an app or service faster and efficiently since all the groundwork towards its startup occurred when you opened the said apps firstly. Your phone has different locations for cache files storage that are storage cache, app cache, and finally, cache partition that you need to clear in order to steer away from the not charging problem and a bunch of other software glitches and issues that might have occurred.

Update the apps/firmware

It’s time to back up the phone with all sorts of updates for its apps and the firmware that it runs on. It is crucial because outdated apps and firmware are subjected to face bugs and vulnerabilities, software glitches, etc. This is where updates come into play by fixing the said issue and could also resolve the not charging problem that we are discussing here.

Restore factory

Although not required at this instance, if you think software is a problem, in this case, you can use any of the methods aforementioned or go for a complete factory reset which is easy to execute and will fix any other issues related to software as well. But there is a downside too that is it will delete all apps and data and you will have to start setting up the phone from scratch. Here’s how you can perform a restore factory on your device.

  • Firstly, you need to turn off the device and wait a second.
  • Now, press power + volume up buttons together and wait for the screen to go live for a few seconds.
  • Next is to use volume buttons as navigation keys and power button to select the option called ‘wipe data/factory reset’ from the menu.
  • On the resultant screen, scroll to select ‘yes — delete all user data’ and hopefully, the not charging problem is fixed after you set up the device.

How to scrutinize hardware-related not charging problem?

01: Charging port

Although the USB Type-C charging port is fair and works efficiently than the micro USB Type 2.0, there are instances where users have reported issues related to the former. On the contrary, the latter is problematic as it latches to the USB socket using an interlocking mechanism that fits around a metal tab inside charging port on your device. Here, debris stuck around the tab can cause the connection to drop randomly or it won’t even allow proper connection to the same. If the metal tab is obscured or deformed in some form, it can also cause the not charging problem that we are talking about and since it is a common problem, you need to pay close attention towards its inspection. Take a different USB cable to charge the phone to verify if the cable is problematic or is it the port after all.

02: USB cable

Next up is the USB cable which is another component in this process subjected to a lot of stress and tension over time. You know how you hold the phone when it is charging. The cable is subjected to stress, compression stretches, twists and turns, and whatnot which are the pointer that it has begun developing wear and tear. This can cease its capability to transmit electricity between the phone and the charging and thus, it will turn useless. But you need to verify if the USB socket isn’t the problem by latching it with a different phone to verify which component is actually the problem.

03: Charging brick

Fast forward to the charging brick that transforms the incoming current into the required inlet for the phone which could be working anywhere between 5W to 40W depending upon the phone. This means that the charging brick does a number of tasks at once that puts it in the list of could-be-damaged electronic items. Firstly, you need to check if it is the problem or not and for that, you’ll need a different smartphone to charge it up using the same charging brick.

04: The Power source

What if the power source, the plug, is actually faulty? Since all these components are electrical, this is why you need to verify if the problem is the power source or not. For this, simply change the power source and you’ll come to know about it.

05: Battery

The way you can scrutinize a battery is to see if it is swollen or not which is possible to gauge if your phone has a removable battery. On the other hand, if your phone sports a non-removable battery, you can gauge if switching chargers could help or not. You will have to visit a nearby service center to analyze and resolve the issue.

The final bet

No matter what the cause of Koolnee not charging problem is, if you aren’t able to fix it, then it’s time to walk into a nearby authorized service center. This is the place where the technician will help gauge the root cause and provide a complete resolution for the same. This will involve paying charges binding to the same if not covered under the warranty period.

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