How To Fix Vernee Water Damaged Smartphone [Quick Guide]

Nowadays, smartphones are literally very smart and allow a user to do multitasking with a bunch of apps and services at once. But when it comes to things that can be problematic for your phone, liquid or water damage comes at the top spot right away. No one intentionally throws their phones in the pool, toilet, or someplace where it can come in contact with water or any liquid and all this happens very quickly. After your phone has come in contact with water or liquid, you literally have few seconds to minutes to prevent it from getting damaged. In this extract, we will discuss the measures to take and how to fix Vernee water damaged smartphone that needs immediate assistance or else, you’ll have to bid goodbye to your dear phone.

Everything you need to know beforehand
Let’s pause everything for a second and say, you just dropped your phone in a pool, toilet, or another place where it has contact with water and has either partly or entirely submerged. What’s the first thing you “do” and you “don’t”.

First of all, don’t panic at all. It would take just a few seconds for the water to reach the internal components that will cause extensive water damage and thus, you’ll have to come down and remove the phone and keep it on the dry surface. Next thing you need to remember that you mustn’t press any keys, shake the phone or wobble it or blow into the phone to remove excess water from the ports, etc. You mustn’t plug in the charger with the phone in such cases because water and electricity aren’t too good with each other and will cause adverse effects. Lastly, do not heat up the phone thinking that it will remove water from the phone because it won’t.

Now that you have learned about the things you shouldn’t do, now it’s time to know what you need to do at first. After you remove the phone and keep it on a dry surface, check if the phone is turned off or not. It should turn off by itself but if it doesn’t, press the power button once and switch off the phone. Now, follow this comprehensive list of measures you need to take to prevent further damage and then, retrieve the phone to its normal state.

How To Fix Vernee Water Damaged Smartphone?

Disassemble the phone
Your phone is water damaged and you have successfully turned off the phone. Now what? Next step is to disassemble back panel, SIM cards, microSD cards, and the battery (if removable) and keep them apart on a dry surface. Wipe off everything that you removed with a clean cloth or paper towel or say microfiber cloth.

Dry off the exterior
Next thing you need to do is to dry off the phone. You can take a paper towel, microfiber cloth, or any dry cloth which you can dab on the exterior of the phone to suck out excess water. You can use a paper towel to suck out excess water from the ports and other ins and outs. But whilst doing this or any other measure in this list, remember not to shake the phone extensively as it can cause further damage if water seeps into the internal components.

Use a vacuum cleaner to dry off the phone
You can use a vacuum cleaner or hot air blower on a low setting to suck or vacuum excess water from the phone. Keep the phone upside down on a dry surface and use the vacuum cleaner to dry off excess water and prevent shake the phone much as it will push phone deep into the PCB. Next thing you can do is disassemble the phone using a precision screwdriver and then, use the hot air blower to dry off water from the PCB which consists of all the components and any damage to these components can be problematic.

Rice and a ziplock bag
If you aren’t one of the people who would risk disassembling the phone to display its PCB, you can use a ziplock bag. Put your phone in a ziplock bag and fill it up with rice which is a great water absorbent. Another substitute of rice is silica gel which is easily available in stores. Rice sucks out water and moisture from the phone. Keep it packed in a ziplock bag for 2 to 3 days and avoid taking out the phone from the bags before the stipulated period. Check the phone whether its working or not after few days.

Note that here you will get to know if your Vernee water damaged smartphone is fixed or not. There are chances that the phone comes to life by turning on but there is a great possibility that it won’t turn on since water damaged phones have little chances of revival. If pressing the power button doesn’t work, the battery might have drained and thus preventing the phone from startup. Now, plug in the phone to a charger and recharge it for 15 minutes before attempting to start it. If you are among the lucky people who were able to revive their phone even after water caused damage to their delicate electronic device, you must look out for its behavior for few weeks.

Consult a technician
As said, not all the users will be able to revive their phone after it gets water damaged. Reporting the issue to a technician can help retrieve it. If your phone is in warranty, we recommend you to report to an authorized service center to take perks provided by these authorized centers if the phone is in warranty period. If not, you can report it to a third-party technician or service center to get it repaired. But again, the chances are retrieving the phone if it was extensive damaged are feeble whilst repairing a slight water damaged phone is comparatively easier and cheaper.

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