Guide to fix a water damaged Elephone smartphone

The extent of influence Chinese made smartphones made on the market is something really incredible. But for some reasons, Chinese companies found it hard to come into the front line of the market. But the previous few years had a different story to tell and many Chinese companies made record sales and got globally recognized as some of the biggest smartphones manufacturers. This has motivated more Chinese companies to produce better smartphones. Elephone is such an emerging brand with a great potential to deliver good devices. Here is a guide to fix a water damaged Elephone smartphone.

Guide to fix a water damaged Elephone smartphone

Water has always been a great villain for all electronic devices. Even a short time contact of electronic circuits and water can permanently damage the device. From the time of feature phones, problems of water damage have been common among users. Today there are waterproofed smartphones, but the extent of help this feature can do against water damage is still minimal. We should take extra care to avoid contact with water with your smartphone to avoid permanent damage. If your Elephone device got water contact by accident and is now damaged, you can still do something that can help you get back the device with no damage. The steps you should follow are listed below.

Steps to fix a water damaged Elephone smartphone

Accidentally dropping the device onto water can happen at times for any user. Many users see this as an end of the smartphone as it is sure that the device will get water damaged. But there is something you can do, which might help you get back the device with no damage. Bt the important thing to note is that you should act fast as you can. If you stay confused the water will reach the circuit leading to permanent damage. So acting fast is the only solution here and the steps you should do is:

  1. Poweroff the device
  2. Remove any protective cases or screen protectors
  3. Remove the microSD, SIM card, and if the possible battery
  4. Shake the device well to remove all the water and wipe the whole device with a soft cloth
  5. Leave the device overnight on a water-absorbent like silica gel. If silica gel is not readily available, rice is a good alternative you can use.

You can then take out your device and power it on. There is something you should never do to your device if it came in contact with water. These are:

  1. Never use blowers or other heating devices
  2. Never plug your device to charge

Hope the guide was clear for you in understanding how to fix a water damaged Elephone smartphone. If you have any queries or feedback, leave a comment below.

Device Name Device Name Device Name
Elephone A1 Elephone G1 Elephone P4000
Elephone A2 Elephone G2 Elephone P5000
Elephone A2 Pro Elephone G3 Elephone P6000
Elephone A2 Elephone G4 Elephone P6000 Pro
Elephone A2 Pro Elephone G5 Elephone P7000
Elephone A4 Elephone G6 Elephone P8000
Elephone A5 Elephone G7 Elephone P9000
Elephone A5 Lite Elephone G9 Elephone P9000 Lite
Elephone PX Elephone Ivory Elephone R9
Elephone P11 Elephone M1 Elephone S2
Elephone U2 Elephone M2 Elephone S2 Plus
Elephone U2 Pro Elephone M3 Elephone S3
Elephone A4 Pro Elephone M3 Pro Elephone S7
Elephone A6 Mini Elephone P6i Elephone Soldier
Elephone A8 Elephone P6s Elephone Trunk
Elephone C1 Elephone P7 Elephone U
Elephone C1 Max Elephone P7 Mini Elephone U Pro
Elephone C1 Mini Elephone P8 Elephone Vowney
Elephone C1x Elephone P8 Pro Elephone Vowney
Elephone E04 Elephone P8 Mini Elephone Band 5
Elephone P8 Max Elephone P8 Max Elephone P10
Elephone P8 3D Elephone P8 3D Elephone P11
Elephone P9 Elephone P9 Elephone P10c
Elephone P9c Elephone P4000 Elephone P2000
Elephone P3000 Elephone P10 Elephone P3000s

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