How To Fix Vertex Not Charging Problem [Troubleshoot]

Imagine that you are about to go on a trip or a meeting outdoors or somewhere away from the home or office and need to charge the device but can’t do it because of the not charging problem. No matter how big or efficient the battery is, it is of no use if the battery doesn’t charge as you can’t practically use a new battery everything it drains out. Well, our readers reported the issue to GetDroidTips so here’s we have curated a list of methods to predict Vertex not charging problem.

How To Fix Vertex Not Charging Problem [Troubleshoot]

How to fix Vertex Not Charging Problem?

I know it could be exasperating when the phone isn’t charging when connected to the charger. First of all, check whether you have turned on the switch or not. If that doesn’t seem to be the problem, here are a few steps that you can utilize to curb Vertex Not Charging Problem.

What to do if the charging problem is software-related?

Perform a reboot

Dealing with Vertex not charging problem? If you are someone indulging in using intensive apps and bumping up the brightness round the clock and others, the not charging problem is plausible. To curb it, simply long press the power button and hope for the best. If the problem was due to a bug or software failure, a quick reboot will probably to fix it.

Update all the apps/firmware

Outdated apps and the firmware as a whole can render problems on a smartphone. This is because outdated apps are susceptible to bugs and thus, updates provide a layer of security as well as provide added features and more on a smartphone. Thus, it is crucial to update the apps and firmware on a smartphone to keep its performance at optimal levels.

Wipe all types of cache files

There are plenty of ways to clear cache files. Firstly, you can download third-party apps like CCleaner, Clean-Up, etc that will act by cleaning the phone erasing all types of cache files on click of a button. You can do it manually as well i.e. deleting the app-level cache files, storage cache files, and finally, cache partition where the latter requires to boot into the recovery mode while other two are available in the Settings app.

Restore factory

Note that this particular troubleshooting method for all since it will permanently delete all user data. If you are willing to go through it in case if you believe that the Vertex not charging problem is because of the software-related issue, you can boot into the recovery mode to restore it.

  • Firstly, you’ll need to press all three physical keys i.e. power + volume up + volume down button together when the phone is switched off.
  • Keep it pressed for several seconds till it boots up and showcases Android logo.
  • Once you are booted, you need to select ‘wipe data/factory reset’.
  • This must conclude the procedure right there and you might be able to charge the phone.

What to do if the charging problem is hardware-related?

In most scenarios, the hardware is faulty or damaged and since there is a number of hardware components involved in this process, there’s a lot to verify for its integrity here.

Firstly, scrutinize the USB port for debris or damage

The USB port on your phone is a delicate component and thus, deserves a little care when in use. You can check if there’s any debris or dirt stuck around the metal tab inside the USB port using a torch. If there’s no debris, it is quite plausible that the tab is damaged or deformed in any form causing it to disconnect randomly or not work at all. If the USB port is damaged or deformed as said, you’ll have to take to the service center to get it repaired.

Scrutinize the USB cable

Assuming that you scanned USB port and found out that there’s no problem with it, let’s see how you can scrutinize the USB cable. A USB cable is one of the most abused components in the charging process because it is subjected to twists and twirls, stretched and squeezed and all other sorts of deformities. This is why you need to see if there’s any deformity or cuts on the cable and get replace it. Note that you can replace the replace and check if the phone charges or not. If not, proceed to the next method.

Verify if the charging brick is damaged or not

Now we have scanned for possible issues with the USB port and cable, charging brick is the next component in the process subjected to damage or issues. The brick works by transforming the current into a suitable format, however, as it is susceptible to damage because it is a piece of electronic equipment. Thus, I would recommend you to simply switch the charging brick to verify if the phone is charging or not using the same USB cable. On the flip side, you can also use the same brick and cable to charge a different phone just to check if it works or not.

Could it be the power source?

The power source could be problematic as well since the connection might be lost or it could be burned in some way either visibly or internally, etc. Thus, switch the power source and check if the phone is charging or not.

Could it be the battery after all?

A Li-Ion or Li-Po battery that you’ll find on smartphones have a specific lifecycle based on their capacity and other factors during which, their performance deplete gradually over time. It is plausible that the battery is not charging because it has run out of its capacity/life cycle or if it has swollen in size to imply that it is damaged or affected due to physical fall or drop or any other reasons. For this, simply remove the battery (if removable) and check if it appears swollen. On the flip side, if the battery is not removable, you’ll have to report to a technician to get it unglued professionally and repair or replace it.

The final resort

Reached the end of the Vertex not charging problem troubleshooting guide but still can’t fix the issue? Now it’s time to move to an authorized service center to fix the problem with a premium applicable if not covered by the warranty on the device. You can produce the same to a third-party service center as well and it will be cost-effective, however, it will nullify the warranty period if any.

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