How To Fix Xiaomi Mi GPS Problem [Methods & Quick Troubleshoot]

Global Positioning Satellites or GPS is an elaborate set of 31 satellites that triangulate and pinpoint the location of the users on the surface of the Earth. Every modern smartphone has the GPS feature that tracks its location on the globe and has a number of benefits too. When using GPS with Google Maps, the users can check out the traffic at real-time, routes to the destination as well as find something that is hard to find verbally. Although smartphones have GPS system that phenomenally, it is still an electronic device which can develop GPS problem at times. If you are using a Xiaomi Mi or other smartphone, then you might have discovered a similar issue which can be for short duration or for long duration but that’s still a problem that needs a fix.

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Talking about Xiaomi Mi GPS Problems, it can be GPS Drift which is when the location is tracked but with less precision. If not that, another issue can be of losing GPS signal where the connection can be lost after which, the results will be different in pre and post signal that will be connected with a straight line which is an error. Another GPS problem is when the GPS tracks inappropriate distance that will connect zig-zag called as ‘GPS Bounce’. Irrespective of what issue you come across, it can be a problem when you are trying to get your location or locating a route to the destination rather than depending upon the people who might give improper locations. Here are few tips and tricks on how to fix Xiaomi Mi GPS Problem as well as how to improve it.

Method 01 – Restart The phone:

This might seem too superficial but rebooting the device can fix most of the issues related to software. What it does is it frees up memory and other resources hoarded by a number of apps and services running the background that might have affected the GPS on your phone. So, when you restart the phone, the system reboots itself and all the apps and services are closed. When the phone turns ON, you can try accessing the GPS on your phone and check if it is giving right location or not. But if not, check out the other methods available down below.

Method 02 – Toggle GPS Settings:

The simplest solution if the GPS on your phone doesn’t show accurate location is to toggle it. Simply drag down the notification tray on-screen and then, view the shortcuts and click on the ‘Location’ icon. This will turn it OFF. Now wait for a second and then, try to restart it again by repeating the same procedure. This will trigger the GPS on your device to start working again.

Method 03 – Toggle Airplane Mode:

Users across the globe generally report the issues they are observing on countless forums and websites to get it fixed. As a matter of fact, many users have found that when they toggle ON/OFF the airplane mode, it can fix GPS errors. Airplane mode disconnects the system from any and every external network and that is when the magic happens. So if you are having a GPS error on your phone right now, pull down the notification tray and toggle the flight mode to ON and then, turn it OFF after few seconds. Try accessing maps or any other GPS services and check if it did solve the error at all.

Method 04 – Update Google Maps:

Isn’t that the simplest fix yet? Outdated apps are known to cause a problem sometimes and it is true even for Google Maps which is a widely used application for GPS on Android and other OSes. Now, it is possible that since you forgot the update the app even after a new update is available, outdated Google Maps can show incorrect results. As a matter of fact, you can download the update without much hassle and it won’t take over a minute to get the problem fixed.

  1. Open the Play Store on your device.
  2. Go to ‘My Apps & Games’ and scroll the list to find ‘Google Maps’ and open it.
  3. Press the button ‘Update’ and it’s done.
  4. Check out the location once it is updated to see if the problem is sorted or not.

Method 05 – Allow ‘High-Accuracy’ Location:

Okay, your GPS Settings are active and you can track your location without any hassle but it is not too precise or it is little offroad than your actual location. You might have left ‘High-Accuracy’ settings on your phone to minimal. You’ll have to toggle it to high accuracy as it will provide more accurate location-based services. Following are the steps to do the same.

  1. Click on the ‘Settings’ tool location on your phone.
  2. Now, proceed to the GPS or Location-based Services or like feature.
  3. Check out the ‘Location Settings’ and toggle the accuracy to ‘High Accuracy’.
  4. When the device prompts you to agree, click on ‘OK’ that will toggle the location services to obtain high-accuracy location.
  5. Now, open Google Maps and click on ‘Location’ icon and check if the GPS is working properly or not.

Method 06 – Reset GPS On Your Device:

There are basically two methods to reset the GPS on your device.

  1. Firstly, go to ‘Settings > Apps’ and scroll to the ‘All’ section of apps.
  2. Search for GPS or AGPS or like monikers used by different smartphone manufacturer.
  3. Click on the ‘Clear Cache’ button.

Now, restart Google Maps or similar app and check out if the problem has been fixed or not.

  1. If not, open ‘Google Play Store’ from the menu.
  2. Now, enter the name ‘GPS Status’ and download it.
  3. Once it is installed, click on ‘Diagnose Sensors’ and then, select GPS Sensor from the drop-down menu.
  4. Tap on the feature ‘Reset’ and the app will automatically delete all the cache and memory used and reset it totally.

When you will start the GPS services after following the above method, it will start from scratch and hopefully, the issue that you have been observing will be fixed too.

Method 07 – Clear Cache Of Google Maps:

After clearing cache from both the phone and the AGPS service on your phone, proceed towards clearing cache stored by the Google Maps app. Simply, open the ‘Settings > Apps > Google Maps’ and click on ‘Clear Cache’ and you have done it.

Method 08 – Disable Battery Saver Mode:

Power Saving Mode restricts excessive consumption of battery life as it restricts few apps and services to save battery life. It is useful when you need to make that important call or when you need to go somewhere that doesn’t give you time or opportunity to recharge the phone. But, when you are trying to find your way on Google Maps or using GPS on other apps, it will pose a problem as most of the built-in battery saving mode restrict the use of GPS. Now, you can tweak the settings and get GPS out of the list of restriction when the mode is active but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work properly. So, open the Battery Saving Mode on your device, and turn it OFF until you are using GPS.

Method 09 – If Not, Use An External GPS Receiver:

There are various indicators that the GPS receiver which is a hardware is faulty or damaged like if the phone stopped showing location or if it shows inaccurate location apparently. If you are pretty sure that the receiver has damaged or gone haywire, you can purchase an external GPS Receiver. When you connect this piece of hardware to your phone, it will act as an alternative to the original receiver and if its still working, it will boost the GPS services and enhance it. To get an external hardware, you must check the requirements needed and then, you can search for the units available according to your budget and get it fixed.

Method 10 – Get Help From A Service Center:

Did you get the fix for your GPS Problem? If not, it indicates towards hardware issues which is causing the constant issue to your location-based services. If an external GPS receiver isn’t working either, the last resort you have is to turn towards authorized service center. Here you can feed details on the issue and get a technician to fix it for you. You can also walk-in to a third-party service center or shop to get it fixed at affordable cost but I still prefer going to an authorized center to get the phone repaired thoroughly. It will also maintain your warranty period which is another benefit.

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