How to Monitor and Limit Your Kids Screen Time?

In today’s technologically-driven world, children’s electronic items are surrounded by them. This is why they get access to screens from a very early age. Pediatricians recommend a maximum of two hours of screen time for kids from 8 to 18 years of age. Research has shown that, on average, a child spends 4 to 9 hours on the screen. While the use of screens can be beneficial for kids, too many screens can lead to many adverse effects.

The negative impacts of too much screen time include inattention, sleep issues, eye strain, less social interaction, early age myopia, etc. It has an impact on both the mental and physical health of the children. This all add up to an adverse impact on the overall development of the child?

What Can You Do To Reduce Your Kid’s Screen Time?

In this article, we have discussed different ways to reduce your child’s screen time, ranging from behavioral changes to using apps to limit screen time. Read the article to save your kids from the negative impacts of increased screen time. 

1.Turn Off Wi-Fi at Fixed Hours

The first way is to regulate the hours of internet access at your home. Make rules for how much time you can spend on the internet. Keep the Wi-Fi off at certain hours, like, at night time or when your child is involved in any other activity. When the Wi-Fi is off, they immediately concentrate on other tasks. It will reduce their screen time and help them complete their pending assignments or be involved in a hobby. Also, make certain that they are unable to connect to the internet. You can ensure this by keeping the modem or router away from them.

2.Use Of Parental Control Apps

Another best way to reduce the screen time of kids is by using a parental control app. Parental control apps like TiSPY help parents to track the screen time of their kids. Parents can install the app on their kid’s devices and monitor their screen use. The parental control apps also give parents access to the content their kid is consuming. The parents can limit screen use by using parental control apps. They can also keep harmful content from reaching the child. As a result, the child will be browsing in a safer environment.

3.Use Time-Limiting Apps

Time-limiting apps are another way of reducing your child’s screen time. If your child uses a particular app for an extended time, you can restrict its use after a fixed time limit. It is possible with the help of time-limiting apps. The time-limiting apps allow parents to monitor the screen time of their children. They can also track time spent on a particular application. It helps parents to set a time limit on different applications. After crossing the limit, the application stops working for the rest of the day. There is a built-in function in both Android and iOS phones to set the time limit.

4.Set A Schedule

Parents can set a schedule for screen usage at home. You can keep an hour or two to watch TV or play video games together. It can ensure that your kid is exposed to screens for a safe time limit. Setting up a schedule also increases the familial bond and strengthens your bond with your kids. The time spent together allows kids to socialize and have discussions instead of being stuck in front of a screen the whole time. In this way, you can also control the content your kids are consuming and ensure their safety.

5.Build New Hobbies And Encourage Them In Other Activities

When overuse of the screen adversely affects a child’s brain, hobbies let them grow positively. You can encourage them to pursue their hobbies instead of using screens. Introduce them to different activities away from the screen. Let them select their favorite activity. It might be drawing, painting, dancing, or simply reading a book. You can also involve them in harmless household activities. The sense of helping you keeps them away from the screen and hence, can reduce their screen time.

6.Educate them About The Harmful Effects Of Excess Screen Time

Keeping the child away from the screen is not an option in this technologically-developing world. The internet and technology have fixed their place in our lives. Hence, try educating them about the harmful effects of the overuse of screens. You can think of creative ways to make them aware. Use stories as examples to show the negative impact of excessive screen time. Parents should talk to their kids openly. This is how kids can be taught the impact of the overuse of screens on their lives.


The present scenario has led to a drastic increase in screen time for all age groups. The worst effects of that are on the kids. This drastic increase in screen time can have adverse effects on the overall development of the kids. As parents, you have to ensure your child’s safety and smooth growth. With the help of the above ways, you can reduce screen time and promote a healthy growing environment for your kid.

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