How to Perform Hard Reset on Galaxy A8 plus and Galaxy A8

Hard reset is a process where a mobile device is restored to its original state at which it left the factory where it was manufactured. It removes all the data, applications and settings which the user adds or installs, unlike the Soft Reset which does not remove anything on your mobile device or can cause loss of information. Performing a hard reset is a quick method to resolve the most phone issues. By resetting your smartphone devices, you will erase or delete all the data you stored in your device internal memory. A hard reset could also be called master reset or factory reset. In this guide, you will learn how to Perform Hard Reset on Galaxy A8 plus and Galaxy A8.

Reasons Perform a Hard Reset on Galaxy A8 Plus or Galaxy A8

There are various reasons why certain smartphone users want to perform a hard reset on their smartphone device. It could be that the Android Operating system is not responsive to processing running apps or you may have forgotten your phone’s password, PIN or lock screen pattern. Here are a few thing hard reset can be used for;

1. It is used for fixing multiple crashes and deleting viruses.
2. It is used to reset the settings to its original settings when there’s error.
3. It is also used to delete the contact lists stored on the phone.
4. It is used for deleting bulk files at once from the phone.
5. It is used to wipe out personal files when the previous user decides to change to a new device.

NOTE: It is advisable that you back up all personal files and data in your Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8+ (2018) phone to an external storage device before you begin the Hard Reset process. This is to avoid loss of personal files or information that could be important in the process.

It is also advisable that your Android device battery is well charged, or at least 80% charged.

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Guide to Hard Reset on Galaxy A8 Plus and Galaxy A8

The steps below will show you how to perform a hard reset on Galaxy A8 Plus device. However, there are two methods for performing hard reset on Galaxy A8 Plus or A8 device;


First Method

  •  Turn off your device completely by pressing the Power key and tapping on Power off.power off
  • Press and hold the Volume Up key simultaneously with the Power key and the Home touch for few seconds until a Samsung logo pops out on the screen.
  • Leave all the keys as soon as you have seen the Samsung logo. You will then see an animated white Android logo and then a yellow exclamation and a “No Command” text.
  • Then wait for few seconds, for your phone to completely enter the Android System Recovery mode.Samsung Recovery
  • Once your device enters the Android system recovery mode, you can now use the “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” key for scrolling up and down the menu respectively and the “Power” key to confirm or select.
  • Now scroll down to highlight “wipe data/ factory reset” with the “Volume Down” key, and press the “Power” key to select.
  • Then scroll to the next screen to highlight “yes”, and press the “Power” key to select. This will commence the hard reset process and you can monitor progress at the bottom part of your screen.
  • As soon as it has completely wiped the data, you can now scroll to highlight “reboot system now”, and then press the “Power” key to reboot your smartphone device.

Once the device is rebooted into normal mode, you will find out that your Google account has been wiped out as well as other downloaded applications, music, files and photos, automatically turning the system settings to default settings.

Second Method

  • Locate the Settings menu in your app drawer and tap on it.Samsung Settings
  • Scroll down to “Backup and Reset” and tap on it.Samsung Reset
  • Then scroll to “Factory Data Reset” and tap on it.Samsung Factory Reset
  • Tap to select “Reset Phone” if you want to wipe out all data on the device internal storage.
  • Tap to select “Erase Everything” to commence reset process and wait till it’s completely done and the phone reboots.

By now you should be able to do a hard reset on Galaxy A8 plus and Galaxy A8 based on the aforementioned reasons. Feel free to ask questions in the comment box below.

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