How To Reduce Black Ops Cold War High Ping And Delay?

The biggest challenge for competitive online gaming is the slow interaction between the device and the game’s server. The slower the exchange, the higher the latency is, the higher the ping. Many Black Ops Cold War players online have complained about high ping latency issues on their game, and a laggy gaming experience is not good enough if you are into competitive games.

Ping is the number that denotes the milliseconds the game is taking to send every response from the gamer and sending it to the game server, after which it finally shows up in the player’s actual game. Online games require this complete roundtrip every time a player does something in the game. If the network in your region is not good or the game’s server is busy with too many users accessing it simultaneously, then the ping will show up as high. If you are also suffering from this high ping and delay issue on your Black Ops Cold War gameplay, then try the few solutions we have mentioned. Undoubtedly one of them will help you decrease the ping and, as a result, reduce the latency or delay too. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

How To Reduce Black Ops Cold War High Ping And Delay?

How To Reduce Black Ops Cold War High Ping?

Before you try to reduce the ping in Black Ops, it will be best to check how much of a ping you are getting in your gameplay. If you find your ping to be expected, then the lag and delay you are experiencing in your game are definitely for a different reason. To check your Ping in Black Ops, launch Black Ops Cold War and load it in any multiplayer mode or online mode. Then go to settings after the game loads up and go to Account. Here go to the Network tab and look for a chart below that shows your Ping.

The ideal value for ping would be anything under 50ms. But the game is easily playable even if the ping is higher than 50ms and less than 100ms. However, anything beyond 150ms or 200ms is unplayable, and you will find it difficult to control anything while playing Black Ops Cold War.

Now, if you have a high ping number, then several reasons might be responsible for it. It could be due to a high network load. If there are many devices connected to your network and simultaneously use the internet, you will face issues with your network speed, which will increase the ping. Another possible reason could be problems with the local network. But the most common reason for a high ping is mostly related to the game’s servers. If there are a lot of active players, then the server will face some difficulties maintaining everyone. Again, if the game’s server itself is malfunctioning due to some other technical problems, even then, you will have a high ping in your Black Ops Cold War gameplay.

Now to reduce the high ping in your gameplay, there are few things that you can try.

Check the server status:

The game’s server sometimes goes under maintenance, or sometimes there is a glitch causing a malfunction in the server. So the best way to know if there are any active server issues is to go to this Activision link. Here, check the status and see whether everything shows green or not. If it does not, and there are some issues, then you will see it all here. In that case, the only left for you is to wait till the developers fix it,

Reset the router:

You can try resetting your router, too, if you believe that the router is the main reason behind the slow internet. To reset your router, turn off the router using the power button and then unplug the main cable from the power socket. Keep it unplugged for more than 30 seconds, and after that, turn on your router and try using it again.

Disconnect other devices:

If there are many devices connected to your router, they are hogging the bandwidth. To get a high network speed in your Black Ops Cold War gameplay, remove the router’s devices that are not necessary to you at that time. Once your PC gets the required bandwidth, the ping will improve.

Use wired connections:

If you are connected to your router wireless, then bring in a cable and connect it to your router from your PC. Wired connections always provide better bandwidth, and for playing any competitive online game, that is the best form of connection.

Try playing at a different time:

If you are playing the game when most people could be playing too, then try playing it at a different time. Early morning and evenings are two-time slots when people usually don’t use the internet much. So try playing then, and you should see some improvement in your ping value.

These are all the possible things that you can try from your side to reduce the ping in Black Ops Cold War. If there is ongoing server maintenance, you only can wait until it goes up again.

So that is all about fixing the high ping in Black Ops Cold War. If you have any questions or queries about this guide, then comment down below, and we will get back to you. Also, be sure to check out our other articles on iPhone tips and tricks, Android tips and tricks, PC tips and tricks, and much more for more useful information.

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