How to use Dark Pixel MIUI Theme on Xiaomi Devices

Here in this article, we will share with you the download link and steps to install Dark Pixel MIUI Theme on Xiaomi Devices. This is the latest Dark Pixel theme (MIUI) for MIUI running smartphones. Those who run custom MIUI ROM on other device models still can use this theme. The theme looks like a Stock Android or Pixel UI with native dark mode.

The specialty of this theme is dark mode over the whole UI which seems quite unique and eye-catching too. The custom theme changes the whole UI like messaging, phone app, notification panel, lock screen, and more. The status bar icons are also changed according to the black theme. You will get the Oppo VOOC charging type animation on the lock screen while charging your device. That also looks cool enough.

The rounded Pixel type app icons are properly aligned and bring the visual changes with shades or colors completely. Therefore, the app icons remain the same but offer subtle colors. You can download the theme file from the link given below in an mtz extension file which is applicable for Xiaomi MIUI theme.

How to use Dark Pixel MIUI Theme on Xiaomi Devices

A special thanks to this theme developer ALEXWOLFDOG for sharing this beautiful theme. Due to the dark theme, it will look good on any 18:9 or higher aspect ratio display especially AMOLED display devices. Download the file and follow the installation steps from below.

Steps to Install Dark Pixel MIUI Theme on Xiaomi Devices

  • Download the theme mtz file from above and copy on your Xiaomi device.
  • Now, launch the MI Themes App from your device.
  • Go to the downloaded themes > scroll down and click on import.
  • Now, search for the theme (.mtz) file.
  • Tap on it and select Apply.
  • You’re done.

Hope you’ve successfully installed the MIUI theme on your any Xiaomi device easily. Feel free to write down in the comments below about your experience or issues.


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