How To Use Face Recognition As Password on Galaxy S10, S10E, and S10 Plus

Apple’s Face ID is one of the most appreciated features of iPhone smartphones. While many other manufacturers of Android devices tried to implement a similar function in their phones, none of them managed to reach the level of security that Face ID provides. However, Samsung has finally decided to add face recognition to Galaxy S10, S10E, and S10 Plus.

While there are some issues that users reported about the face recognition on Galaxy S10 smartphones, such as the fact that it might be fooled by just a photo, the facial recognition feature on Galaxy S10, S10E, and S10 Plus is still a helpful function to lock your phone and secure it.

In this article, we’ll show you how to use face recognition as a password on Galaxy S10 smartphone in ten straightforward steps, and how to set it up, as well.

How To Use Your Face Recognition As a Password on Galaxy S10, S10E, and S10 Plus

To enable and set up face recognition as a password on Galaxy S10 smartphones follow the next ten easy steps:

  1. From Home Screen, swipe down to open up the applications menu
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Access Biometrics and Security
  4. Go to Face Recognition
  5. Insert your pattern, PIN, fingerprint, or password if you set up any
  6. In case that’s the first time when you access Face Recognition, you must set up one of the before-mentioned unlock functions if none is set up already
  7. Select either “Yes” or “No” when asked if you wear any glasses
  8. Place your Galaxy S10 smartphone at between 8 and 20 inches away from your face and try maintaining your figure within the circle that appears on the display
  9. Access the Useful Features menu to select some optional features, as follows:
    • Stay On Lock Screen – The phone remains on lock screen until you swipe
    • Fast Recognition – Disable it to make it harder for everyone else to unlock your phone using a pic of you or a video
    • Lift to Wake – Enable it to make the face recognition unlock available as soon as you’re picking up your Galaxy S10 smartphone
    • Brighten Screen – Improves facial ID in low-light conditions by increasing the screen brightness
  10. Press on the Face Unlock switch to turn the feature on; when you want to disable it, turn the switch off

By following the before-mentioned quick steps, you will be ready to use face recognition as a password on Galaxy S10, S10E, and S10 Plus.

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