Fix: HyperX Cloud Stinger Audio Problem | Sound Low or No Sound

HyperX cloud stringer is a lightweight headset for gamers and an official PS4 licensed headset designed for comfort quality output. The headphone is based on a 50 mm driver that produces the best sound quality. But many users are facing this issue of HyperX Cloud Stinger Audio Problem where either the sound is low or no sound at all. This can be either due to software glitches or hardware damage. 

Whenever you use a headphone, the primary motive is to get a better hearing of audio from your laptop or computer. But with HyperX Cloud Stinger, the majority if users are facing audio issues. Now it gets a little tricky to find the exact reason for this problem. But here are some troubleshooting methods to help fix the issue.

Fix HyperX Cloud Stinger Audio Problem Sound Low or No Sound

Fix: HyperX Cloud Stinger Audio Problem | Sound Low or No Sound

Nowadays, the importance of headsets is increased as the gaming industry is on the next level, enhancing that gaming experience. But recently, many users have been experiencing audio issues in HyperX Cloud Stringer. The problem may vary like some users get very low sound and some reported no sound output.

Sometimes, the system fails to recognize the device or any physical damage on the HyperX Cloud Stringer. So, before moving to the technical part:

  1. Check the condition USB plug and clean the plug with a cotton cloth.
  2. If possible, try to connect the headphone with other devices to identify the headphone do not have any internal or technical issues.

Check for faulty Cables

Not only the USB cables, but it is also possible that the headphone cable has some fault of its own. Especially if you stretch your headphone multiple times, the internal connecting wires may break or cause issues. So please check for any possible wear and tear signs and replace the cable if necessary.

Clean Headphone speaker mesh

If you are facing HyperX Cloud Stinger low sound problem, then it’s possible that the speaker mesh is blocked with dust or debris. So please take a clean cotton bud or brush and clear speaker mesh.

Please do not use water or any other liquid to clean this area, only use dry cotton buds or sponges.

Check for Connections

Check if the HyperX Cloud Stinger is accidentally muted or wires are correctly connected. Also, disconnect all the audio splitters because sometimes there may be any defect in the splitter, which affects the headset’s sound quality and connectivity. 

Check the Volume from the scrolling knob from the right side of the headset and increase the volume if it is set on low also, you can check the system’s sound level. If you use the headset controller, press the muted button twice to check if it is accidentally activated.

Update Audio Drivers

One of the main reasons behind the no or low audio in the headset is outdated audio drivers. We almost forget or rarely check for any driver update in our system. The developers are regularly providing firmware updates to enhance the experience and compatibility.

However, the outdated driver fails to recognize the device and update the driver. You can visit the official website of HyperX Cloud Stinger and download the firmware and install it in your system. You can also check the release notes to get detailed information.

Moreover, if you use Windows 10 or 11, right-click on the start menu and select the Device Manager. Then right-click on Audio inputs and outputs and choose Scan for hardware changes. It will automatically search and install the latest version of the audio driver in your system.

Check Audio Settings and Set HyperX Cloud Stinger is a Default Device

It is quite possible that you accidentally have muted the sound from your system altogether. So please check if that’s the case.

Also if you’re facing the issue where you’re able to get sound from one application, but not from another, it’s a fault from the application and not from headphones.

Here are steps to check audio settings for HyperX Cloud Stinger:

  • Open the Control Panel and navigate to Hardware and sound in your system.
  • Now select Sound from the menu and check if the HyperX Cloud Stinger is chosen as a default audio device or not. If not, right-click on it and click on set as a default device.
  • It indicates a green tick in front of the device as it is a default device in your system. Next, repeat the step and set the microphone under the Recording tab in the control panel.

For Mac users, click on Apple Menu, choose System Preferences, and then go to the sound icon. Then navigate to the Input tab and select the HyperX as a default device (sometimes its shows as a USB Audio). If you have an issue while playing the game in your system, check once the game’s studio settings are in your system.

Disable other Third Party Audio Software

We use headsets for various purposes, and the headset may use by any other third-party software. For example, many users install the Realtek software to enhance the sound quality. Now windows have its driver to use headphones or any external speakers, and we do not need such an application as it stops the system from controlling over headsets.

Moreover, suppose you use the HyperX product for other communication apps like Discord, Zoom Skype, etc. In that case, you may also have a configuration setting issue in your system. Close all the programs from the background and then run any game or application to check whether it’s working or not.

Check for System Updates

Nowadays, systems come with powerful configurations, and the developers regularly provide new or improved features. Check for any pending firmware update of your system that fixes the compatibility issue. The outdated or old version may also be one of the reasons behind the issue.

As we use headsets in various devices, some devices may fail to recognize or create problems like no sound hardware failure. Search for any firmware update and install the update (if available) in your system to update the firmware. It is applicable in Windows, Mac, Android, and PS4.


We hope that you can troubleshoot the HyperX Cloud Stinger audio problem – low or no sound by yourself from the above methods. If any of the workarounds are not working or are still facing the same issue, we recommend you contact HyperX gaming support for further assistance. If you have any queries regarding the product or want to share any feedback, leave a comment below.

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