How to Increase Fervor in Blasphemous 2 (Magic Upgrades)

Are you looking for all the magic upgrades to increase Fervor in Blasphemous 2? The brand-new 2D video game has received positive reviews so far and has stayed true to the classic Metroidvania genre. Players can control a silent knight who is known as the Penitent One and navigate through the game map, killing enemies and collecting items. There are plenty of monsters and bosses to watch out for, as well as NPCs who are out there to help you. Magic plays an important role in the game too, and it is called Fervor. In this guide, we will take you through all the ways to increase Fervor in Blasphemous 2 with the help of magic upgrades.

Developed by The Game Kitchen, the action-adventure game Blasphemous 2 was released a few days ago by the publishers Team17. The game is available on the platforms of Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S which means that you can enjoy Blasphemous 2 on a variety of platforms. The story follows as a continuation from the DLC of the first game, so if you’ve played the previous instalment, this should be familiar for you. Nevertheless, you might need some help to locate the magic upgrades in the game. Let’s find out how you can increase Fervor in Blasphemous 2 with magic upgrades.

How to Increase Fervor in Blasphemous 2 (Magic Upgrades)

In Blasphemous 2, you can use magic to defeat the enemies that you come across. However, this is a depletable resources, so you will need to recuperate and increase your magic level before you can use it again. Usually, you can refill the magic or Fervor meter by attacking enemies, but there are other ways to increase it as well.

To increase Fervor in Blasphemous 2, you will need to look for magic upgrades. This is possible with the help of an NPC in the game map who can assist you in increasing your magic skill. The NPC is a floating hand who is available in the Streets of Wakes area.

When you come across the floating hand NPC, you will need to give them an item to increase Fervor in Blasphemous 2. This item is called Fervent Kiss, and it can be found throughout the map as you play through the game. You can find Fervent Kiss in treasure chests which are scattered over the game map, and you can get them as a reward for successfully completing a challenge of combat.

Fervent Kiss Locations in Blasphemous 2

Here is the list of locations where you can find Fervent Kiss in order to increase Fervor in Blasphemous 2:

Palace of the Embroideries: Use the blue mirrors to move to the right side of the room, and avoid the chandelier as you pick up the Fervent Kiss in the center of the room.

How to Increase Fervor in Blasphemous 2 1

Elevated Temples: Travel to the left and climb down using the weapon skill to break the barriers. At the bottom of the platform, you will find the Fervent Kiss.

How to Increase Fervor in Blasphemous 2 2

Repose of the Silent One: Use the double jump function to make it to the top left platform, and make your way up to the top left platform of the next segment as well. In the next room, you will be able to pick up the Fervent Kiss.

How to Increase Fervor in Blasphemous 2 3

Streets of Wakes: Make your way left until you come across a statue suspended on a platform above you. When you activate the statue, a blue mirror will move to the left. You will need to use both mirrors to make it to the extreme right wall. Use a double jump or quick dash between the mirrors and you should be able to hit them both to get the Fervent Kiss which is on a small platform against the right wall.

How to Increase Fervor in Blasphemous 2 4

Two Moons: Travel left and drink the water from the fountain to go underneath it, then go right. On activating the statue in the next room, a platform will move up. Return to the previous area using the fountain and go back to the room where you started. You will need to drop down on the third platform column from the left, until you reach the bottom where there are some enemies. Move to the left and bypass several enemies here until you come to an open space where you can climb up a ladder. Go right and avoid enemies as you jump up onto the small platform and then use the angels to climb to the upper ledge.

Travel left and you will find another fountain to drink from. Go underneath the fountain and travel right, moving up to go left. You will come to another open area, where you need to avoid enemies and use the angels to get on top of the upper platform. Go higher to break the barrier that leads you to the room on the right. Keep going right, passing enemies and traps until you come to the place where the platform was lifted at the beginning. You need to use your weapon ability to break the barrier and get to the platform. Go left into the dark hidden area and you will be able to pick up the Fervent Kiss.

How to Increase Fervor in Blasphemous 2 5

How to Increase Magic Bar in Blasphemous 2

Additionally, if you want your Fervor meter to pick up, you can pray at altars which are the save points. These are called Prie Dieu and it will refill your magic bar. You can also gain your meter back by returning to the spot where you died.

If you find your magic bar locked off, there is a way through which you can unlock it. This usually happens after a death. By collecting Tears of Atonement and giving them to the Confessor at The City of the Blessed Name, you will be able to unlock more of the magic bar. However, keep in mind that the lower the bar, the more Tears of Atonement and Martyrdom Points you will get. So, you can decide which one to prioritise.


That’s everything you need to know on how to increase Fervor in Blasphemous 2 through magic upgrades. As long as you keep playing the game and exploring the game, you should be able to find the Fervent Kiss item. Once you give it to the floating hand, you will get a magic upgrade, and that’s how the game works. Now that you know what to do to increase Fervor in Blasphemous 2, go out there and get those Fervent Kisses.

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