Download Android P Beta 4 (Developer Preview 5) for Pixel and Pixel 2 devices

The day is approaching: Android P is about to leave its beta phase. Google has just released the fifth and last version for developers of the new edition of the system, corresponding to the fourth public beta. From today, users of Google Pixel can now download to install this update.

The previous beta already brought with it a series of interesting new features and improvements, which we were able to test thoroughly at the time. Now, this last one, considered as the candidate version for final tests, brings all the definitive changes that we will see -and we will test thoroughly, of course- in the final update that we will see next August.

Android P, about to leave beta: the fifth and last Developer Preview is now available

So far, Google has not released the update through OTA, and therefore to perform the installation will have to resort to the factory images, or proceed to the manual installation of the OTA. However, those more patients can wait for the new version to begin its deployment through the air.

Since it is the last beta version, we do not find many new features at the interface or functionalities level, and most changes are limited to performance improvements and bug fixes. The options related to the Digital Wellbeing initiative such as the Android Dashboard that shows the time of use of the applications by the user is also not available. These developments will be available, most likely, along with the future version Android 9.1, which would come to accompany the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. According to Google, the behavior of this edition should be practically the same as we will see in the official update that will come later.

Today’s Beta 4 update is a candidate version with final system behaviors and includes the official APIs of Android P (API level 28), available from Beta 2. It includes everything you need to complete your tests in time for the next official version from Android P. – Dave Burke, Vice President of Android Engineering.

As in the previous Android P updates, this new version is only compatible with  Pixel and Pixel XL, and Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Later, the Google partner manufacturers will offer this same version to the rest of phones compatible with Android P.

Check Out the Video What’s New on Android P beta 4

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Download Android 9.0 P Developer Preview 5

The final version will arrive in August

If we take as reference the official calendar of Android P, and the release date of Android 8.0 Oreo at the time, it is very likely that the month of August is chosen by Google for the launch of the final update of Android 9.0. At that time, in addition, we will finally know the candy that will give its name to this version of the system.

Update | Only a few hours after the publication of the factory images and OTA packages, Google has begun the release of the update through the air, which is already beginning to reach the Pixel and Pixel 2.

Along with Google Pixel’s lineup devices, some below-listed mobile are also like to get this update but currently, these devices are in waiting for OEMs.


Essential Phone
Nokia 6.1
Nokia 7
Nokia 7 Plus
Nokia 8 Sirocco
OnePlus 6
Oppo R15 Pro
Sony Xperia XZ2
Vivo X21UD
Vivo X21
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S

Main Highlights

  • API level 28
  • Date: July 2018
  • Build: PPP5.180610.010
  • Emulator support: x86 & ARM (32/64-bit)
  • Security patch level: July 2018
  • Google Play services: 12.4.46

How To Install Android P Developer Preview (DP5) Factory Images

Here is a brief guide to help you flash these factory images that bear the latest Android P developer preview. Well, before installing,


  • These alpha build of Android P factory images are exclusively for developers to develop Apps and report bugs.
  • It is not wise to flash these factory images for purpose of daily use.
  • This build of Android P developer preview may be full of bugs.
  • If you are not a developer it’s better not to flash these factory images.
  • If you are flashing these factory images you require to install latest Android SDK.
  • You need to unlock the bootloader of your device in order to install the factory images.
  • Flashing a factory image will wipe out your phone completely clean. So back up your device data.
  • GetDroidTips will not be responsible for bricking and damaging of devices during installation of these updates.

Steps To Install Android P Developer Preview (DP5) Factory Images

Here are the steps to install Android P Developer Preview (DP5) factory images on Pixel series of devices. Follow the guide carefully. In a nutshell you have to flash some Unix/MAC/Window based command line script and flash the factory image for your respective device.

Below in the guide you can find it fully explained. Just do as our guide/tutorial mentions.

How To Install Latest Android P Developer Preview (DP5)

So, that’s all about it. Grab the latest sight of Android P Beta 4 and install Android P Developer Preview (DP5). Follow the steps carefully. while flashing. If you have any queries do let us know.

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