How to Install any Android APK on Android O? (external source)!!

Technology has always presented something new the world. A unique and much talked about such invention has been the android app. Android has simply made life mush easier. With so many features to choose from, it is one of the best introductions to the technical world so far. Here we present you a step by step guide on How to Install any Android APK on Android O.

With the evolution of the latest fad, android app, a swipe of a finger makes all the difference. Android has changed the entire concept of living. It has simply made never-thought-about ideas possible.

If you are using Android or you are new to this app, you must have heard about APK files many times. A lot of times, you must have scratched your head in finding out what exactly is an APK file?

How to Install any Android APK on Android O

Alright, let’s take a look at what is an APK file?

An APK file is needed to download or install any sort of software on your android device. It is a file format which allows recognizes and allows the software to get loaded on your favorite android operating system.

So you are new to the android world and wondering how to install any android APK on android? No worries, it is very simple and can be explained in few steps:

  • First settle down and decide which APK file you want.
  • Check if your Android app is compatible with the APK file or not. Sometimes, if you are having an older version of Android, few APK file won’t run in such cases.
  • Google for the APK file that you are looking for. Once you find it click on the download button.  Store it in your PC or laptop.
  • Your permission will be needed to complete the installation process. Click on yes and allow it to completely download.
  • Tap the run button once the APK file is installed in your PC or laptop, check if it is running or not.
  • Now, go to the settings option on your Android phone. Click on the security option.
  • Choose the “Unknown Sources” and click on “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources”. You will see a dialog box popping up, asking you to confirm your action. Tap on “OK”. This step is needed to receive or send any files from the external mediums.

How to Install any Android APK on Android O

How to Install any Android APK on Android O

  • Now your android device is ready to identify any files from external sources.
  • Connect your android device to your laptop or PC where you have kept the downloaded file.
  • You will find ample of options like whether you want to charge your phone or you want to use it for USB tethering after you connect your device. You need to choose “Media Device” as the option.
  • Now copy the APK file to your Android device. Remember where you have kept it.
  • Open the APK file from your device, it will be able to identify the file and ask your permission for installation. You will again see a dialog box asking you install or cancel the action, tap on install button.
  • Once the above step is completed, it will take some time for the installation process to end.
  • After the installation, you can open the APK file and it will run smoothly.

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How to Install any Android APK on Android O:

  • First of all, open file manager and simply tap on the APK file that you have downloaded and want to install on your device.
  • You will get a popup message with option of “External Sources.”

How to Install any Android APK on Android O

  • Just tap on “External Sources” and in the install other apps section, tap on the app that you want to provide access eg. UC Browser.
  • Now simply enable the option “Trust apps from this source.”
  • Now get back to your APK file and install it. And You are done!!!

Installing any APK file in the android device is no big deal. This process is not at all complicated, in fact, it is quite smooth. You just need to enable the “Unknown Sources” option, the rest will fall into place automatically.

What is the need of external sources, when you can download it from Play store?

This is a question asked by many people. Sometimes, you don’t get Play store in devices like Nokia X, XL and much more. You cannot help but seek the aid of some other app store to enjoy games and movies. Also, it must be noted that Play stores restrict some software installation depending upon your region. APK files bypass that allows you to download whatever you want, irrespective of which region you are currently in. But being a responsible citizen of your country, you must abide by the rules and regulations, APK files even allows you to download pirated apps. This should be avoided. As you might end up breaking some law. Do your own research work before proceeding with any of the pirated apps.   

If you have decided on installing APK file, that is very good. But you must be aware of few negative points as well. Android devices are very vulnerable to viruses and malware. Think twice before downloading any files from external sources.

What all you need to do?

  • Check the reviews of the website from where you are downloading the APK file.
  • It’s better to enquire about the rating and the credibility of the site.
  • Make sure your anti-virus is strong enough and working well.

It is better to be safe than sorry. Once you install the APK file, if it is virus infected, it will steal all your personal data and your passwords. No need to worry so much, it is advisable to download files from trusted source.  

Android app has converted the way everyone looks at life. Ever thought you can record your favorite soap operas with just a click. No, but android made it possible, you will find many sites which you can download, allows you to record the shows for a later watch.

APK files will help you in finding out the exact software that you are looking for. Here you will be pampered with choices of installable software. Download APK file and take your android app experience to the next level.

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