How to Install iCloud on Android As a Web App

iCloud for Apple users is just the same as Google Drive for Android users. However, the concept of cloud storage is now getting platform-independent. You can now install iCloud on Android as a progressive web app. In this guide, we have talked about the same.

Though it is smartphone friendly, the users will be having limited experience. This is when you compare it with iCloud for desktop.  iCloud web app will only provide residence to photos, Notes, Reminders and Find iPhone apps. Some enthusiasts have also reported that the Notes app doesn’t work properly all the times. It may take a while for the Android users before they enjoy all the features of the iCloud.

How to Install iCloud on Android As a Web App

Let’s see how we can install iCloud on Android. It’s quite easy actually.

  • Go to your smartphone browser.
  • Open iCloud website
  • Tap on the 3-dot button on the top right corner of the browser.
  • Then tap on Add to Homescreen > tap Add Automatically
  • Then check on your home screen iCloud should show up.
    Install iCloud on Android

Keep in mind that, if you do not have an Apple ID, then you have to create an Apple ID first of all. As Apple has more focus on its own devices, naturally the application will not be very perceptible of Android devices.

So, try it out and see whether you can Install iCloud on Android. Let us know about your experience. We hope that this piece of the article was informative to you.

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