iOS 13 Touch ID bug continues to plague the iPhone: Here’s how to fix it

iOS 13 was one of the most awaited software releases from Apple. In fact, the new iphone 11 series of 2019 runs iOS 13 out-of-the-box. However, as we know smartphone software may not be perfect all the time. So, we end up seeing bugs and glitches on new software.  iOS 13 is going through a similar situation. Currently, the Apple users are facing an annoying issue which is the iOS 13 touch ID bug.

As the name suggests, this issue is happening with the older iPhones that make use of the touch ID. So, if you happen to have an iPhone 8 series or any of its precursors running the iOS 13, you are likely to face this bug. There are no reports of the face-ID generation iPhones like iPhone X or its successors facing any such issue.

Basically, this iOS 13 touch ID bug is preventing users from logging in into certain third-party apps. These are usually banking or password apps.  So, when a user should be prompted to log in to the app using Touch ID, the corresponding alert dialog is not showing up.

So, is there any fix to this.? Well..according to Twitter reports, the alert dialog that is supposed to be visible to the users is actually present but invisible. So, if a user doesn’t see the alert dialog, he can simply put the finger on the home button. Your ID will be authenticated and you can access the app.

Another solution is to shake your device. This motion will bring up the touch ID alert dialog to show up again. It may sound silly but it works. We can hope that Apple patches up this bug soon. Till then while using third-party apps that require a login, you can simply put your finger on the button even if the alert dialog is not showing. We hope this helps while apple releases a fix for the iOS 13 touch ID bug.

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