Fix iPhone/iPad issue: App Suddenly Force Closes, Stops Responding, or Won’t Open

Apple iPhones or iPads are great when it comes to usability and stability. This is because of the optimization and the level of security Apple devices offer. However, in some cases, we also see force closures or crashes in Apple iPhone or iPad. Afterall for the services that Apple provides, it charges a hefty premium over other devices. So problems in their devices are no more than a nightmare.

Now it is clear that freezing and crashing of applications are not exclusive to android, and they happen with iPhones and iPad too. If you’re experiencing the same problem, then we have got you covered. Today we will discuss sudden force closes of applications on iPhone and iPads. So let’s get started.

Fix iPhone/iPad issue: App Suddenly Force Closes, Stops Responding, or Won’t Open

Is it an App or Device Issue?

First of all, you need to understand that the problem in your device is due to an application or your iPhone or iPad itself. Suppose you open an app, and the application crashes or closes suddenly, and you are able to use other applications as usual. Then surely it an application issue. But if the application crashes and your iPhone or iPad becomes unresponsive, then possibly it is a device issue.

Now you’re clear with the above example that there is no fault in your device rather than the application itself is crashing. You can now move on for the fixes. Also, if you’re having trouble connecting to the internet or unable to pair with your Bluetooth headphones, it might be an operating system service issue.

Fixing the Application Crashes

The applications are third-party Softwares that run on your iPhone or iPad and are downloaded from the App Store. These applications sometimes have an internal code error that fails to optimize with different iPhones and iPad, and thus app crash occurs. After all, these applications are made by humans, and humans do make mistakes. But its always not their fault sometimes there are improper system functions as well that cause the app to crash. Now we will discuss in detail how to fix application crashing and not responding in detail.


Fix 1: Force Close the Unresponsive App

Sometimes an application that crashes can be solved just by closing and re-opening. But when it becomes unresponsive, it is wise to kill that application using the app switcher. To do this, follow below.

For iPhones & iPad with home button: Double-tap on the home button, and it will open the app switcher. Now just swipe up the application you want to close and try to re-open that again.

For iPhones & iPad without home button: Swipe up below the screen and hold for some time and you will be able to open the app switcher. Now just swipe up the application you want to close and try to re-open that again.


This may solve the app crashing and unresponsive issue in most of the cases.

Fix 2: Restart your Device

Restarting your iPhone or iPad solves most of the app and system optimization issues, including lags and frequent unresponsiveness. It is further always recommended to restart your device once every day. All of the users know how to restart your device, so we don’t need to discuss that. After the restart, again open the app that was crashing to check whether the issue is solved or not. If not, we have more for you.

Fix 3: Check for App and Phone Updates

Updates are an essential part of the system and applications. Applications are updated regularly to cope up with the system altogether and perform better. If you have not updated your application for a while, consider going to the app store and hit the update all button to cure this issue. Further, if you notice that your iPad or iPhone is lagging or is unable to run smoothly as it did, try updating the phone as well in the updates section in settings. Doing this will surely solve your issues.

Fix 4: Reinstall the Application

Sometimes the app crashes are way too frequent, which makes the users fed up with their devices. So we advise not to lose hope and try to uninstall then reinstall the application. This might solve the issue. To uninstall an app, follow the steps below.

  1. Press and hold the app that is crashing every time.
  2. Then you will see an ‘X’ symbol at the top right corner of the app picture.
  3. Click on that ‘X’ and choose delete. This will uninstall the application.

After that, head to the app store and download the application again to check if the error still occurs. We would also like to add that before uninstalling an application, make sure to make a backup of its data. However, apps that sync with the cloud need not do that.

Fix 5: Verify Application Permissions

Denying permissions or not allowing them during the application running can be disastrous in the iOS world. Suppose you use a third party recorder, and you have not granted permission for the microphone. Then not necessarily but preferably crash sometime. To check for the app permissions, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Then head to “Privacy.”
  3. And then check for the services and the allowed permissions for the applications. Do not toggle any irrelevant permission as that may be harmful to your device.

After allowing the required permission, start the application again, and check if it crashes again.

Fix 6: Free Up Some Space

If the device is full to the neck, then it may be challenging for an application to work in the correct order. Many applications require some amount of free storage to work correctly. To free up storage, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the settings of your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Then click on General then iPhone storage, to see the amount of free space available.
  3. If storage isn’t available, we recommend freeing up some.

Then try to open the application again and check if the issue still exists.

Fix 7: Contact the App Developer

This is the last option, and if the application still crashes on your device, we recommend contacting the App developer in the store, and if it is an Apple app, try contacting apple support for further assistance. You can contact the developer in the app store by going to the ratings and review section. There you will find the option to Contact App Developer. Then you may mail him your problem, and then they can release some patch notes for your device.


These were all the fixes that you can do to fix a crashing or unresponsive application on your iPhone or iPad. Further, if you have any problem, you can also proceed with a factory reset, and that will solve all the issues in a device. We hope our guide was helpful to you. And if you have any queries or feedback, feel free to comment down below with your Name and E-mail ID. We will try to get back to you as fast as possible. Likewise, check out our iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Tricks for more such tips and tricks. Thank You.

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