Is Samsung Galaxy J8 Waterproof device?

Samsung has been known for making quality smartphones for a long time. With their latest flagship Galaxy S8 which can also operate underwater, clearly steps up the waterproofing game in the market. However, this is not the case with the low budget end devices from Samsung. Such a device is Galaxy J8 which was launched in May 2018. Since there are no official IP68 ratings for this device, customers want to know whether this device is truly waterproof or not.

Is Samsung Galaxy J8 Waterproof device?

Samsung Galaxy J8 comes with 6.0 inches of screen with 720 x 1480 pixels and weights around 191 grams. However, there are no waterproofing details over its official specifications page. So users are curious to know whether Samsung Galaxy J8 will survive under water.

Samsung Galaxy J8 WaterProof Test

Samsung Galaxy J8 WaterProof Test will uncover the truth whether it is going to survive our water test or not. There are no official IP68 ratings given to this device, but thanks to the oleophobic coating on its screen, this device is resistant to water droplets. Now lets deep down further with the Samsung Galaxy J8 waterproof test.

Samsung Galaxy J8 Splash Proof Test

When Samsung galaxy J8 is subjected to water droplets, it resists them due to its all body oleophobic coating. This gives it complete protection from water and also helps to stay non-slippery at the same time. The screen flickers a lot while in water. Also, a lot of ghost touches are also observed by us. However, after cleaning the device with a microfiber cloth, touchscreen works fine

Touchscreen Works after cleaning with a microfiber cloth
Camera Works perfectly
I/O ports No water damage found
Speaker Working Fine

Samsung Galaxy J8 Rainwater test

In this test, we are going to suspend the device in artificial rain environment. Later one we will see if the device is ideal to use in rainy conditions or showering conditions.


After testing Samsung Galaxy J8 in artificial rain condition, it is observed that the device flickers a lot and a lot of random opens as well. However, no serious damage was observed. This shows that the device works perfectly under rainy or showering conditions.

Able to use in Rainy conditions Yes
Abel to use in Showering conditions Yes, but you cannot control the device (touchscreen flickers)
Possible damage due to rainy conditions No damage

Samsung Galaxy J8 Washing Test

In this test, we are going to wash the device with running tap water for 1 minute and check whether it survives.

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When Samsung Galaxy J8 is subjected to running tap water, the device does not accept any touch inputs. Also, ghost inputs are observed as well. However, no severe damage is observed with the device.

Touchscreen Control Doesn’t respond to touch inputs
Water damage with hardware Not found
Speaker Non-functional
Camera No fog lens

I/O Ports Water Test

In this test, we try to check whether the water will go inside the device or not. Most smartphones come with a waterproof coating over their I/O ports. After I/O ports water test, it appears that Samsung Galaxy J8 is doing good in our waterproof test.

Earpiece & Mic Working
Speaker Working
Touchscreen Works
Charging Point Works
Power & volume rocker buttons Works
Any other I/O port damage None

Samsung Galaxy J8 Water Immersion Test

When Samsung Galaxy J8 is subjected to water immersion test, no water damage was found at all. No bubbles were coming out of device’s body which means that device is indeed waterproof. This is surprising as there is no official IP68 rating.

Samsung Galaxy J8 WaterProof test final outcome

Official IP ratings (waterproof ratings) None
Rainwater test Passed
Water immersion test Passed
I/O ports damage No damage


  1. My Samsung Galaxy J8 smartphone fell in 5l bucket of water, it worked straight after, but a few hours later, it gave my a daydream screen, then I restarted it & it’s working perfectly ever since

  2. I got my J8 a little wet in the bath and it’s now completely dead. I had 30% battery when it got dunked. That baby is now solid dead.

  3. My J8 drop from my pocket straight in water I quickly rush and picked it up and its working perfectly fine that has made me Google about it water resistant function.

  4. my j8 charging port was not working all cables get loose after some use i shown to local repair person he said there is water log even phone was working well then he changed port and charged me 1500 ruppes

    1. When you think your phone contracted water, then dry it out first. Anyway, did you consult Samsung or local?

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