Is vivo Y90 waterproof smartphone?

Whenever a new smartphone comes, most people want to know about the waterproofing measures done by the company to secure the device from any water damage. This is the same case with the latest Vivo Y90. If you also want to know whether the new Vivo Y90 is a waterproof device or not, then stay tuned. Because today we will carry out Vivo Y90 waterproof test to find out whether Vivo Y90 is fully waterproof or not.

The demand for a budget-friendly smartphone is increasing day by day in the Indian smartphone market. This is the reason why we are able to see different competing brands with affordable smartphone options filled with features. The latest Vivo Y90 is also an example of this. The new Vivo Y90 is an affordable smartphone which comes with HD+ display with waterdrop notch, big battery, and a nice camera. On top of that, it can play graphic intensive games such as PUBG as well. Because of such specification in such a low price point, customers are wondering whether the new Vivo Y90 is secured against water.

Is vivo Y90 waterproof smartphone?

Is Vivo Y90 waterproof smartphone?

According to the price point of the latest Vivo Y90, it’s pretty hard to assume that it will be a waterproof device. Since it is very hard for smartphone companies to provide premium features such as a waterproof body in such a low price. However, it will be shocking to see if Vivo is actually able to pull it off. Before we check its official IP ratings for the device, let’s see what a waterproof smartphone actually is.

A waterproof smartphone is nothing but a smartphone which can sustain itself underwater. Which means that it won’t get any water damage when you use it inside water bodies such as the ocean, beach, lakes, swimming pools, etc. It’s a fantastic feature as it allows you to take underwater photos, ability to talk in rain & shower and much more.

You will be slightly disappointed to know that the new Vivo Y90 is not fully waterproof. It has not official IP68 ratings which mean that it’s not waterproof. However, we will still conduct a quick test for splashproof and dustproof capabilities.

Vivo Y90 Waterproof Test

Since the official website doesn’t contain any reliable info about the device waterproofing capabilities, so we are going to conduct our own test. Since it is pretty obvious that the device is not waterproof, so we will test for the splashproof and dustproof features. So, get ready for the Vivo Y90 waterproof test. But before that, have a look at device specifications:

Device Name Vivo Y90
Screen  6.22 inches (15.8 cm) bezel-less display with waterdrop notch
Processor MediaTek Helio A22 Quad-core Processor
RAM/ROM 2 GB | 32 GB
Battery 4030 mAh
Primary Camera 8 MP Rear Camera
Waterproof Ratings not found


You are advised not to try to mimic this test at your home. We do not take responsibility for the authenticity of this test. This test is purely based on individual/team observation. This test will only give an idea of whether a device is waterproof or not. We recommend users not to try this test at home, as it might damage your device.

Vivo Y90 Splashproof Test

In this waterproof test, we are going to put the device in artificial rain condition. It will mimic the condition of an accidental water splash. This test will give us a rough idea of whether the new Vivo Y90 is splashproof or not.

Camera works
Screen works
Speaker working fine

After conducting this test, we can say that this tab is surprisingly splashproof to come extent. So you don’t have to worry when you accidentally spill your coffee or juice over it while sitting in a meeting. However it’s not officially waterproof, so take proper care while sitting near water ponds, lakes, beaches and swimming pool.

Vivo Y90 Dustproof Test

In our dustproof test, we will keep the device in a sandy environment with lots of grain and sand particles with a running fan around it. This situation mimics dust storms and will check how the device holds in such conditions.

Camera works
Headphone jack works
I/O ports Little dust, but ports still work fine

As you can see from the test results above that the new Vivo Y90 is fully dustproof. This is because it doesn’t have any moving mechanical parts like pop up camera etc.

Conclusion: Is Vivo Y90 Waterproof?

After conducting both the tests, we can see that the new Vivo Y90 isn’t fully waterproof. However, it can sustain a little water damage. Additionally, the device is fully dustproof so you if you leaving near to a farm or sand dunes, this device will work find there,

Users are recommended:


Since the tablet is not fully waterproof, here are some precautions you should take to avoid any water damage:

  • Not to take underwater photos with the devices
  • Don’t make or receive calls in rain or while taking a shower
  • Not to take underwater selfies etc.

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