Windows 10: How to Keep A Windows Always On Top

Windows 10 is one of the best and popular operating system that has been used in most computers. Though Windows offers various features and functionalities, however, there are certain important features that are missing in Windows. One of these features is the ability to keep a window always on top while working on your PC.

Sometimes you are working on multiple Windows on your PC; then, maybe you want one of the Windows to always remain on top. By-default Windows have no such feature to keep a Window always on the top. However, there are a few ways to implement the feature.

Windows 10 How to Keep A Window Always On Top

Windows 10: How to Keep A Window Always On Top

If you wish to keep a Windows Always on the Top of the Screen on Windows 10, you can use an Auto HotKey Script. But first, you will have to install the Auto HotKey application on your PC. Then you can write a script when executed by HotKey; the Windows will remain on the top. However, you can also use other third-party applications like DeskPins and TurboTop, to keep a window on top.

Method 1: Using Auto HotKey

Auto HotKey is an application that enables you to create a Script with Functions that will be executed when you press a certain HotKey. It is a simple app and using it, you can easily write a one-line command to keep a window always on the top.

Download Auto HotKey

Step 1) After installing the software, go to Dekstop or any other directory as you prefer, right-click on the empty area. Hover your mouse to the New option and select AutoHotKey Script option from the menu.

Windows 10: How to Keep A Window Always On Top

Step 2) Name your script anything you want, then right-click on the script and select the Edit Script option. The file will open in Notepad or any other default script editor you have.

Step 3) Now, just type the following command in the notepad and save it. You can change the ^SPACE to ^D or any other key on your keyboard depending on what key you want to press with CTRL to execute the Always on Top function.

^SPACE::  Winset, Alwaysontop, , A

Step 4) To make the HotKey work, you will have to Run the Script first, so double click and execute the script. You will see a green logo with on your taskbar or system tray. This will indicate that the script is running, now you can just press Ctrl + Space or any other combination with Ctrl to keep a window always on Top.


You can put the script on the Startup folder so you won’t have to manually start the script, it will run automatically on the startup.

Method 2: Using DeskPins

If you are using a mouse instead of a Keyboard shortcut, then DeskPins is the app for you to keep a window always on top of the screen. The application is very easy to use, and there are many features that you would like to have. Moreover, it also allows shortcut keys.

Download DeskPins

Step 1) After installation, double-click, and run the DeskPins application. The app will run on the background, and you can access it from the system tray icon.

Windows 10: How to Keep A Window Always On Top

Step 2) To pin a window using DeskPins, just right-click on the DeskPins icon on the system tray. Your mouse will now look like a pin, move your mouse to the top of the window which you want to pin and click on the title bar. The window will be pinned, and it will always be on top.

Step 3) To remove the pint, just left-click on the DeskPins icon on the system tray and click on the Remove all Pins option.

Method 3: Using TurboTop

Turbo Top is another third-party application that enables you to select windows from the System Tray icon that you want to keep on top of the screen. It is a minimal application that can sense any open Windows on your Desktop; you will just have to select the windows from the icon, and the window will always be on Top.

Download TurboTop

Click on the TurboTop icon on the System tray.

Windows 10: How to Keep A Window Always On Top

Make sure that the OSD and the SCMII option are checked. Now, you only have to select the name of any of the Windows that are opened, and you want to keep it on the top. Selecting again the same Window will unpin the window, and it will be no longer on the top of the screen.


While taking a note from a certain site to a notepad or any other circumstance, it will be great if a Window can remain always on top of the screen, then you will have less difficulty while taking notes and scrolling the other window.

Windows don’t have any built-in features like that. However, there are applications you can use to achieve the same desired function. Auto HotKey is a perfect application for this functionality. You will just have to install the app and write a one-line script for the key combination and the function.

There are other apps like DeskPins, which allows users to use both keyboard shortcuts and the mouse to pin a Window. Turbo Top enables users to select the active Windows name from the system tray icon to pin the Windows.

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