How Many Levels are there in Minecraft Dungeons?

Minecraft Dungeons will release on May 26, 2020, across Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch gaming platforms. The game will be available in; Standard Edition priced at $19.99/- as well as Hero Edition priced at $29.99/-. It marks the latest entry into the ever-popular Minecraft game series and is a purely crawler-loot based game that can support up to 4 players in local and online multiplayer mode.

However, unlike the original, the game does not feature any sort of mining or crafting. Instead, Minecraft Dungeons focuses on player exploring various dungeons, fighting monsters, finding treasures, and solve puzzles. There is a leveling system in play that enables players to grow along as the move ahead until they reach their peak. The leveling up mechanism may seem strange for players who are not familiar with this particular style of game. So, in this guide, we will look at how many levels there are and how players can progress in each. It looks like you are one of those of players who were searching for this guide, so this guide is for you. Let’s get started.

How Many Levels are there in Minecraft Dungeons?

How Many Levels are there in Minecraft Dungeons?

At first glance, the game offers a lot of variety. There are nine levels, each distinct from the other. With the progression of each level, the players will also encounter bigger enemies. Initially, players will fight against enemies that will simply attack them, and as they proceed, they will face against archers, arena traps, wizards, and golems. With each level up, players will have to adjust their fighting strategy concentrating on long-range weapons, tactile approaches, healing, and also artifact bonuses.

Upon further inspection, players will see a pattern at each level, and players can do that by only playing the game. Players can collect experience points as they play the game, and once they reach a certain amount, they will see a bright animation letting them know that they have successfully leveled up!

How to Level Up in Minecraft Dungeons

Players can level up fairly easily as the game does not host any sort of special side quests in order to take on the next boss. Just keep the following points in mind when playing:

  • Fight & Kill Enemies – With each successful encounter, players can earn experience points. The exact amount varies depending on the enemy’s status and difficulty.
  • Ambushes – Players will get to experience their fair share of ambushes, and it is important to survive them. Sometimes, players may have to fight off against a swarm of enemies. In doing so, players can earn individual experience points and a large reward amount at the end. If you survive that is ;)
  • Story Progression – By progressing through the story and completing quests, players can acquire experience points as well. These generally involved dealing with ambushes, boss fights, and finishing objectives.
  • Boss Fights – On defeating a boss, players can earn a handsome amount of experience points. Each boss has its own unique strengths and fighting skills.

With each level up, players will be more powerful and stronger. Equipment upgrades are what counts here. Players can also earn enchantment points with progression and can use them to upgrade armor, gain new abilities and new weapons. Minecraft Dungeons offers each player their own choice of character improvements by making the level up upgrades personal. This makes their character unique and allows room to grow with the vast selection of weapons that are available in Minecraft Dungeons.

As mentioned earlier, players will begin to see a pattern as they progress. Each level usually ends in a similar with the players fighting against bosses or swarms of enemies. Nonetheless, Minecraft Dungeons make its fun and exciting on each level. So, that’s all there is to know on the levels in Minecraft Dungeons and how to move up.

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