Fix: Logitech G402 Right, Left or Middle Click Not Working

Whether you have got a brand new Logitech G402 mouse or have been using it for some time, the problem with the right, left, or middle click can occur at any time. If you think it is happening with your unit only, then you are wrong here. Many users have reported facing similar issues with their Logitech G402 mouse. Unless there’s any hardware issue, you can fix it by applying some basic troubleshooting steps I’ve mentioned in this article.

Fixing the clicking problem on your Logitech mouse can be as simple as removing the dust from all areas. But if it does not help, don’t worry, we have more solutions for you. Just keep reading this article till the end and apply the fixes.

Logitech G402 Right, Left or Middle Click Not Working, How to Fix?

If you have already figured out the reason, navigate to the best solution. Otherwise, apply these solutions in the order they have written below.

Solution 1: Use Another USB Port

There might be some problem with your current USB port to connect the Logitech mouse. If it is so, your computer won’t be able to recognize the mouse, and the device will not function normally.

To eliminate this possibility, plug out the cable from the current USB port and plug it into another one. Now, check if the problem is fixed. If your answer is yes, don’t try other solutions. Otherwise, move on to the next solution.

Solution 2: Update Mouse Driver

A corrupted or outdated driver can be an invitation to many problems. And certainly, you don’t want that with any of your devices. For now, you need to check if the current Logitech mouse driver version is up to date and install the latest version if available. Either manually download the latest driver from the manufacturer’s website or use the Windows feature for automatic updates.

Follow these steps to update the driver:

  • In the search box on your Windows PC, type Device Manager and press Enter.
  • Expand Mice and other pointing devices.
  • Right-click on the mouse driver and select Update driver.
  • Select Search automatically for drivers.
  • Now, Windows will look for a new update for the driver. If a new version is available, follow the on-screen instructions to install it. If the latest version is available, you’ll see the message “The best drivers for your device are already installed“.

Alternatively, you can check for new driver updates using the Windows Settings app. Just open Settings, go to Windows Update -> Advanced options, and tap on Optional updates. Here, you’ll see the new driver updates.

Solution 3: Uninstall Mouse Driver

Sometimes, the driver update method does not work for various reasons. If you didn’t succeed, try uninstalling the driver and see if it can do the trick for you. You can easily uninstall a driver using Device Manager. Here are the steps:

  • Open Device Manager on your Windows PC.
  • Expand Mice and other pointing devices.
  • Right-click on the mouse driver and select Uninstall device, and click Uninstall.

You don’t need to worry about the driver. Windows will automatically install the driver once you restart your PC.

Solution 4: Enable “Always on USB”

My Lenovo laptop comes pre-installed with the Lenovo Vantage software. It has the option called “Always on USB.” If you disable this option, all USB-connected devices, including your Logitech mouse, won’t work. If you also have a Lenovo laptop, open Lenovo Vantage and enable this feature. Other users should also check and enable their computer has such a feature.

Solution 5: Reset Logitech G402

Resetting the device is often the most effective solution, as it resets all the settings back to their default values. To reset the Logitech G402, make sure it is connected to your computer. Now, locate the reset button. You can find it at the bottom of the device. Press and hold the button for 5 seconds and release it. Now, unplug the USB cable and check if the problem is fixed.

Solution 6: Contact Logitech Support

If none of the solutions have worked out for you, the source of the problem is most likely the hardware. Either the chip inside the mouse or the wire has some defect. You need to contact Logitech customer support to get a replacement for your product or get it fixed.

The Logitech G402 is a high-quality gaming mouse and an inexpensive one. Of course, you don’t want the product to have any issues, but being an electronic device, there’s no guarantee that it will never face problems in the future. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you in fixing the right, left, or middle click not working problem with your Logitech G402. Were you able to fix it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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